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Writer’s Block: The Instant Fix

Laura Di Franco, MPT
4 min readAug 18, 2022


Writer’s block (or any block you’re having when you’re trying to create something) is you falling into the habit of over-thinking, again.

Writer’s block is BS. You have no “block.” You have an ingrained habitual tendency to try to use your mind (and probably more of your left brain) to think your way through the idea.

The answer? Breathe. Get back into your body. Trust that the way to the creating is found when you surrender to the much-bigger connection you have to Source energy, and your higher self. Get good at listening to those messages. Get good at connecting to that channel. Get better at feeling your way into that sacred space of connection where the voice moves through from a bigger place than you.

Before I was able to talk about being able to channel my writing, I would’ve been on your writer’s block bandwagon. I definitely would’ve used that excuse.

I jumped off years ago when I was lucky enough to listen to a voice in my head urging me to pick up my journal. I wasn’t planning on writing anything. I wasn’t working on a particular blog, website sales page, book, or poem. I was just sitting on a plane, attempting to pass the time.

I was relaxed.
I was calm.
I was happy and connected to gratitude (there was me and two open seats next to me in the row).

I was excited to be traveling to meet my healer friends in Sedona. An entire poem moved out of me during that flight, one that was the beginning of four self-published volumes of poetry (The Warrior Love Journal series). Since then, I can mostly say that all my writing is “channeled” now.

“But it’s harder when you know you have to write something,” you say?

No, it’s not.

That’s you thinking it’s harder.

That’s you with a goal, thinking there’s a right way to write it.

That’s you over-thinking what that should be.

That’s you, falling into the old, conditioned ways of thinking that your writing has to sound a certain way, or be a certain thing.

Oh, the shoulds. Eeek. Get me outta here!



Laura Di Franco, MPT

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