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When Your Mom’s the Only One Who Reads Your Stuff — be Glad!

One day I commented on one of my daughter’s Instagram photos. I immediately got a text from her: “Mom what are you doing!?” She must have some special mom alert app that notifies you when your mother has liked commented or shared your post.

She was ultimately okay with my comment and has since asked me to like some of her pics (She had a goal of 900 on one and hey, I was #899).

But I got to thinking. I want to know — what’s the matter with the one person who loves you the most — the one who thinks you’re a rockstar no matter what anyone else says, supporting you like that?

And the answer seems to be — it makes you look like a loser. I don’t think this’s fair and I’m out to change it today.

Moms are badass, at almost everything. When it comes to their kids they boast special superpowers. They love with a kind of energy you can’t buy. They are the ultimate cheerleader. They are the raving fan you only wish you had; the one that goes around talking about you like you’re Gandhi or Biance, or shit, I don’t know what name would make the most sense here.

Moms are the ones who’ll love you when, during, and after you fuck up. Even when the fuck up is something you said about them, to them or inspite of them.

Moms don’t care how bad you are, what you’ve said or how you’re treating them — they will wake up tomorrow and love you all over again.

But moms have a line. When they start to feel unwanted, disrespected, not needed, or taken advantage of they start getting pissy. They have big hearts that aren’t easily broken by their kids, but push them to the edge and you’ll see they know about tough love too.

Moms want you to know you’re amazing. They want to send you off into the world with the self-esteem they didn’t have. They’re fierce about that goal.

The reason they like and support everything you do is because they like and support everything you do. It’s pure. It’s simple. You own a piece of their soul and always will.


Give us some credit will you ?

If our undying support makes you embarrassed get over it. Be grateful. Be glad you have a mother and that she likes you a little.

If your mom’s the only one liking your stuff then maybe you haven’t gotten out there enough yet. Maybe she could help. (Gasp).

Maybe she has some experience with this. Maybe she knows some secrets.

You’ll never know until you ask.

Love your moms. Love that they support you. Be proud you have a mom that thinks you’re a rockstar. Maybe she is too. Maybe you could tell her that once in a while.

P.S. I love you Mom.

aura Di Franco, MPT is a firestarter. She’s an expert in holistic physical therapy and healing, a published author, inspirational speaker, poet, blogger and third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Her programs combine transformational tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to reconnect you with your intuition and wake you up to the clarity you crave for your life and business. Her enthusiastic badassery will ignite the courage required to make the change you’re afraid to make. Want a workshop that’ll give you practical powerful tools you can use to heal yourself today? Find them at And more free inspiration on her Facebook page HERE.

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!