Unprecedented My Ass; You Know this Fear

Brave Healers, we were born for this.

Unprecedented my ass.

We know uncertainty. We know fear. We know hopelessness and desperation.

Don’t make the situation mean anything and you win. Because you’re back to the feeling of uncertainty you already know how to deal with. It’s just a feeling. You’ve felt this before. You know what to do.

You already have the tools.

You were trained…for decades. You’re a warrior. You have tools. You teach those tools to others every single day.

Remember who you are.

Remember that you signed up for this journey.

Remember that no matter what’s happening around you, you already know exactly what to do and how to help other people with your ninja moves.

You were trained for this.

You’ve practiced your badassery over and over.

You’re a master.

Remember what you’ve learned.

Remember that now, this moment, this situation…

is what you were born for.

You’re a warrior. Now go do what you were born to do. Go out and share your gifts. Today. Don’t wait.

Go out and teach people your tools. Share your knowledge.

Go out and BE who you were born to be;

A teacher
A master
A leader
A goddess
A brave healer

You know what to do.

You were born for this.

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