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True Healers; How to Know if They’ve Got What You Need

Laura Di Franco, MPT
4 min readApr 29, 2020

I gathered 25 holistic practitioners together for a massive book collaboration over the last 5 weeks and I started to realize a few things about what it means to be an authentic healer.

Healers don’t like the word healer. They know they’re there to facilitate a process of empowerment in you, not fix you, or heal you. And that would be the first of many things you can look for when you’re hiring someone to lead you on this journey.

I became a healer (holistic physical therapist) to help people. Later on I realized the bigger plan the Universe had for me; to learn what I needed to to be able to hold a space for others to do that work and thrive in their lives. Being a healer had nothing to do with me fixing people. It had to do with knowing how to practice awareness, in every aspect you can think of, and especially when I was with a client.

I’ll never forget the day I had to fire a client. “I’m not going to be able to see you anymore,” I barely squeaked out over the phone, my palms sweating.

Yes, I had to let someone know that I wasn’t willing to see them anymore and that they’d be better off with someone else. I remained triggered (constant feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and gut clench) over that incident for weeks. It would be much later that I’d realize I did that person the greatest favor. Because before that day I was disempowering the client by allowing them to lay on my table to be fixed.

I much rather empower people with the knowledge and skills to heal themselves. That is the ripple I was born for. And it’s one of the other marks of an authentic healer, the kind you want on your side if you’re interested in true transformation.

Here are 10 marks of a true healer:

  1. True healers don’t identify with the word healer.
  2. A true healer empowers you to tap into your intuition and healing power
  3. A true healer trusts their own intuition, no matter what they’re being told by others
  4. True healers are interested in transformation and what that means for you
  5. They walk their walk, meaning they are practicing awareness every single…

Laura Di Franco, MPT

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