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The Sexuality-Creativity Connection; How to Find, Feel and Embrace Your Unlimited Source

There’s a connection between sexuality and creativity. In fact, one might say they are one in the same. If you’re healing from childhood wounds you may feel completely disconnected from this natural source; living inside of a heavy blanket of unworthiness. Here’s how I got back in touch with this connection, and it just might give you some ideas about living fiercely alive too!

When I sat down to research this topic I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of links staring me in the face that said, “Your Sexuality IS Your Creativity,” and so on. Okay, I thought, this is a real thing. It’s not just me who knows this. In fact there are several experts in the field; men and women who’ve devoted their whole lives to reclaiming sexual/sensual/creative connection and power and helping people with it. Hey, if you happen to be one of them — scroll down to my bio; I need your brilliant help on a great project!

Okay, so what do you have to say that’s not already been said, was the next inner critic thought in my head. Instead of letting that shut me down — I rallied. The wise voice is strong with this one, I heard in a Yoda-like tone.

“We’re looking for articles that are ‘richer,’ where you’ve added research links and/or interviews with experts,” she finished. I’d been writing popular articles for this site for a few years and the first thing I thought was, I’m the expert. That was the first time I heard my worthy, confident self loud and clear. She was a little tired of not being recognized or acknowledged. She was ready to share her gifts.

So here’s what the Brave Healer, an expert in holistic physical therapy and healing knows about finding, feeling and embracing the connection with the unlimited sexual, creative force within:

  1. You were born, so you’re worthy. For me the healing started and ended with worth. And as many times as others told me I was worthy, I had to feel it on my own. It had to come from within. I’ve spent (a few thousand) hours healing this deep wound. I’ve journaled and talked about it. I’ve laid on a table and screamed and cried my way through it. And finally, I woke up to it in the middle of some random moment staring at the sky at the very moment a hawk flew by. A little Radical Forgiveness kicked it all over the edge recently. Thanks to Colin Tipping for his book. Everything comes in perfect timing.

So if you haven’t heard yet, I’m starting a Sacred Erotic Self revolution. You’ll find the beginnings of that HERE. I hope you come read, explore and have some fun in this creative playground for sexuality and healing that my friend Gila and I have created. And we have an open call for submissions right now! We have some big dreams. But, this has been done before, says my inner critic. But not by YOU, says my wise voice. I like her. I think I’ll follow her for a while.

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