The Power in Taking Responsibility

  • I had to stop blaming anyone else for me feeling unhappy
  • I had to get clear about what made me happy and what my desires were
  • I had to express myself and not keep it all in my head
  • I had to make decisions and follow through with them
  • I had to be afraid and take action anyway
  • I had to live the life I craved in any small way I could
  • I had to know what mattered to me
  • I had to stand up for what mattered to me (and the rest of my life)
  • I had to set boundaries with people (family, friends, kids and spouse)
  • I had to actually honor the boundaries, even when it felt impossible
  • I had to take care of myself first
  • I had to seek a community of like-minded warriors
  • I had to get out of my house and go be with those people
  • I had to remind myself of my desires, goals and dreams every day
  • I had to promise myself I wouldn’t quit on my own dreams
  • I had to go for something that felt good, in all areas of my life, on a daily basis
  • I had to learn how to apologize
  • I had to learn how to detach
  • I had to learn how to stay in the moment
  • I had to learn how to forgive
  • I had to learn how to align my actions with my dreams
  • I had to practice being unapologetic about this list
  • I had to decide to feel worthy, happy and grateful



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