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The Answer to Everything You Want

What you think is the answer to everything you want in life or business. It’s just that you don’t think what you think is the answer, so you flounder.

Today I want you to think about what you think— about everything. And I’m going to give you ten ways to up-level your mindset so you can start getting everything you want.

Mindset is everything. Every guru, influencer, yogi, martial arts master, or otherwise awesome person on the planet will tell you this; master your thoughts first, everything else will follow.

You on board with this idea yet? Or do you have doubts? Have you seen your positive, high-vibe thoughts in action? Had enough proof? Or is there something still in the way of you going unapologetically badass on your own mindset?

Turns out if you had a childhood, you probably have some shit in the way.

And without going into the mess that is our conditioned upbringing here, I’m going to say one thing. With awareness you have the choice to think, believe and act in ways that serve your dreams.

I don’t really care if you’ve had trauma, tragedy, divorce, death, loss of job, or otherwise super-bad thing happen to you. It’s your choice to move in a direction that is a better one today. It’s up to you to reach out. It’s up to you to take responsibility for everything in your life and up-level the game you’re playing here on earth.

And isn’t that spectacular news? I mean have you tried relying on other people to do this for you? Doesn’t work out all that well does it?

If it’s up to you then you get to set the course. You get to dream the dream. You get to decide what you do next. You have the freedom to think, believe, act and be the person you want to be. Like now.

Start now. Here are ten ways to start up-leveling your mindset and begin creating everything you want in your life or business:

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  1. Your thoughts are little energy beams that create things. What are you thinking? Notice. Because if you don’t, you have no choice.
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Laura Di Franco, MPT won’t let you settle for a mediocre life. Your health, wealth and happiness is one Brave Healing book, poem, workshop, strategy session or moment away. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six published books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Laura’s energy and method are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced. Check out her High Vibe Business Community , free Facebook group for healers and her newest book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey.

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