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The 5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them

After training with one of the best bloggers on the internet I’m now feeling pretty great about helping you with yours, so let’s start with the five biggest mistakes I see beginning bloggers make and how to fix them so your blogs come alive and help you build your business and platform more quickly.

I started blogging for my business in 2008 without much help. I made all the stupid mistakes I’m about to share with you. I wish I’d had someone to tell me what to do back then. It’s actually more simple than you think, and once you start to get into the groove of a great blog, you’ll be able to whip one out in a matter of minutes and your clients will start calling you things like “expert” and “prolific.”

Here are five ways you’re killing your blog and what to do about that:

1. Your headline sucks.

What constitutes a sucky headline? It’s too clever, too long and makes me guess the subject. When I started to have my blogs accepted to bigger online sites the one thing that was happening consistently, before I knew the secrets, was they were changing my headlines. Man that pissed me off at first. But then I learned the whys and hows behind great headlines and everything fell into place. Create headlines that are clear, short and to the point of your topic. Don’t get too clever, too wordy or ever make us guess. If we have to guess, we’ve already scrolled past your blog.

2. Your paragraphs are too long and hard to read.

When you write a blog you’ve got to imagine the reader, who’s probably multitasking their life away and trying to get a little info in before they head off to the next thing. If your paragraphs are too long (more than three sentences or so) it will create more difficulty for the reader. Make it easy on them; short paragraphs with numbered lists or bullets, bold subheadings and easy-to-read fonts.

3. You beat around the bush.

Please, please, please, give it all to me in the first paragraph. Make me want to read the rest. Hook me in, turn me on and tell me the big, fat secret up front. What’s this about and why should I read to the end? Don’t take three paragraphs to get to what the piece is about- I will scroll on by, or at best, I’ll just skip to the end.

4. You write like a robot.

Write like you talk and I’ll get into the conversation of your piece. I may even comment if it feels like you’re talking to me. If you write like a robot your piece will feel stiff, like a robot. It is should be it’s. I will should be I’ll. And please show me instead of tell me, so I feel like you have a pulse. Give me some personality. Show me your badass. Make me know you’re alive and like you care. Get excited before you write so I’ll feel it. Move me with your words.

Oh, wow, I got so excited there I broke my own rule and bunched eleven sentences together. Did it work? I think so. Why? Because I feel the passion while I write.

5. You aren’t inviting your reader to engage.

Blogs are awesome for a lot of reasons, but the best blogs invite the reader in, create a feeling of hope and inspiration, give excellent information, and invite the reader to engage by using powerful questions and/or further information. If I’ve clicked on your blog, I’m interested. If I’ve read to the end, I’m really interested. What would you like me to do from there?

If you’re writing because you’re educating prospective ideal clients, make sure you give them a way to connect, engage, comment or contribute. Make sure you don’t leave them hanging without a way to find out more about you, read more, or answer a question that will propel them into more self discovery. Your blogs can be a tool for transformation if you write them to be!

Please join me in the comments and tell me what’s stopping you from sharing your big, brave blogs with the world!

If you’d like to learn more about writing badass blogs, I’m leading an online workshop that’ll leave you inspired AF and in action with your words. It’s going down on Zoom on Sunday July 22nd. You can read about it HERE.

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and the author of Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey. She’s been blogging since 2008 and her words can be found on sites like The Wellness Universe, MindBodyGreen, The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal,, and many more. Her mission is to build a revolution of brave healers who are writing, speaking, sharing and publishing words that heal themselves and the world. Ready to share your message in a bigger way? Find out how at

I’d like to give a special shout out to Jon Morrow of who helped me write scary things and do this whole blogging thing with a lot more skill, passion and courage. Jon, thanks for really caring about what you do, for caring about your customers and for helping me continue to love to write.

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