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Summer Reads: 14 Books That Will Change Your Life and the World for the Better!

This summer is a bit different, eh? We need the R&R…OH do we. And more and more of us are reaching for books that not only entertain, but inspire and help us live our best, most purposeful and healthy life.

We’ve gathered up 10 expert holistic-healer authors for you today, to share their books with you and help spread some good vibes, inspirational stories, and powerful tools.

This summer, when you’re reaching for that computer mouse and you’re searching Amazon for the reads that will help you relax, de-stress, and find hope and inspiration in the biggest of ways, make sure you click on one or two of these amazing gifts!

And speaking of gifts, why not email your favorite book to your BFF or a family member that needs a little pick-me-up right now?

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14 Amazing Summer Reads That Are Changing the World

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, by Laura Di Franco, MPT, and featuring 24 more expert authors. Reader, get ready for: 25 effective holistic tools for healing at home, from experts around the world who specialize in mind, body, soul and spirit health and wellness!
    Get it HERE!

Okay book-loving people, which one will you get first? Let the healing badassery begin!

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Brave Healer Productions wants to help you share your brave words and change the world! You can submit your application for our next co-authored book project HERE.

With three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, a third-degree black belt and ten books, Laura Di Franco, MPT, the owner of Brave Healer Productions, has a clear preference for being badass but she’s also the champion of entrepreneurs who want to grow their health-based practices.

Her co-authored book projects, writing workshops, business strategy sessions, and online writing club are just some of the ways she helps talented professionals maximize their professional impact.

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Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

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