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Running Out of Gas this Holiday? How to Ensure Your Soul-Gauge is in Good Working Order

The empty cup or tank dilemma is a mind-body problem. It doesn’t matter so much if your tank is empty or full, what matters is that you actually notice before you run out of gas.

I just read a blog that reminded me it’s okay to drain my tank, as long as I fill it back up again. Brilliant. This isn’t about never having an empty tank. Your tank will be empty some days, weeks, months or even years. You’ll have adventures, live life, and burn some gas.

It’s what you do about that that matters.

The goal isn’t to always have full tank. This life is a dynamic process of up and down, empty and full. There are also degrees of full or empty. It’s normal to be running low some days.

You know what matters more than the level? The awareness of the level. Your gas gauge.

How’s your gauge? Is it in working order? Can you feel when you’re getting a little tired and need to recharge? Or are you so numb to it, you’re on empty before you get to tomorrow and then you feel that sniffle coming on?

The awareness of the level of full or empty is how you’ll know to fill again. Ignoring the gauge — well…you’re going to run out of gas on the highway at night in the middle of nowhere and look down and realize your cell phone is dead and some kind of words are going to come out of your mouth that your mamma doesn’t like.

Don’t let your gas run out. Don’t let your cup be so empty you start to hold the empty cup upside down over your mouth with your tongue sticking out hoping for one more drop. There’re no more drops.

Now — a note about this gauge thing if you’re a healer. You’ve chosen a path where if your tank is not overflowing, you’re going to run out of gas FAST.

So awareness of your gauge is even more important, not less. You are the model. The trailblazer for selfcare. What are you teaching your clients?

You need to practice the continual noticing of the ebb and flow of your tank and master responding quickly so that it’s the overflow you serve from.

Your tank is going to be empty sometimes. That’s not a great day to take on extra clients.

You’re going to have months where the tank is not looking too good. That’s not a good month to pack your schedule with extra projects or say yes to that PTA thing.

Pay attention to your gauge Brave Healers. And show us how this is done. Talk about your awareness and struggles, so that your clients know you’re practicing too.

Your tank will be both empty and full. It’s about noticing, responding and then filling back up before the crisis. And making that a regular practice.

Are you someone who goes to the gas station when your tank is 1/2 full? 1/4 full? Or do you wait for your gas light to come on? Or…have you actually been so asleep that you’ve run out of gas?

Three steps to gauge maintenance:

  1. Practice body awareness
  2. Slow down and practice more often
  3. Make the practice a lifestyle

They all sound like the same thing, right? Well, they are. Your ability to sense your body and mind is your gauge. The messages that come from that miracle of a body you inhabit are letting you know what you need all the time. If you’ve mastered ignoring those messages, working hard despite them, or are numbing yourself up so you don’t have to feel them, you’re about to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Practice noticing how you feel by quieting down and connecting with the breath. Start with a few breaths and then progress to several minutes, several times a day. I’m not talking about sitting on a pillow with your legs crossed for an hour. Meditation is awesome, but you have to just start noticing and sensing in the regular, daily moments you’re living.

The more you practice the easier and faster you’ll notice the gauge dipping low and be able to do something about it. And…the longer you practice the more easily this just becomes the way you live, a healthier lifestyle where you can be in the moment noticing what your mind-body needs and responding to those needs to ensure optimal health.

It’s a practice. A very important one. For more resources in the areas of healing, mindfulness, and optimal health, please visit me at In the meantime, what do you do to fill your tank? Drop some ideas in the comments today!

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s a 6-time published poet and author, inspirational speaker, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. She was born to build a revolution of brave healers who are getting their badass, authentic voices published in order to heal the world with their words. Her new book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, is now on Amazon!

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