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Pulling Rocks: A Story About Life and Writing

Laura Di Franco, MPT
2 min readApr 9, 2023


I rolled the wagon across the yard — the Radio Flyer. Its wheels squeaked violently over the grass. I’d filled it with huge rocks, so rolling wasn’t going well.

It felt more like a wresting match, and at one point the handle spun and stuck. I turned to plant both feet and grab with both hands to hoist the wagon over a large tree root, and it flipped.

I jumped out of the way of one rock that tumbled toward my foot. It settled in the long grass, just missing my pinky toe. I half sighed, half hissed and looked around to see if anyone caught the disastrous mishap. Nope.

I turned back to stare at the wagon, now on its side.

You should’ve asked for help.

Who tries to drag 100 pounds of rocks across her yard by herself?

A half laugh escaped my lips as the life metaphors sprang up and tease-danced in my head.

What’s that one about rolling the boulder up the hill?

Wait, maybe it’s about carrying the boulder.

Shit, I have no idea.

Turning the wagon upright again, I paused, sighed another long one, and looked up through the newly green…



Laura Di Franco, MPT

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