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Powerful Words in Uncertain Times

Wise, brave words. Just a few of them can change your perspective and your life. Well, feast your eyes and soul on the series of life-changing words here today.

The Brave Healer Blog Party is a tradition now. I hold this event at the finish of each Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers class I run, to showcase the incredibly talented coaches and practitioners who join me on the journey to finding and sharing our authentic voices in a bigger way. The theme this time around was uncertainty.

These men and women step up every single time. They step up to the plate of courage, authenticity, and writing badassery, and they blow me away with their trail-blazing determination and commitment to helping the world thrive. A world that needs them more than ever this year. And tackling uncertainty felt like a fitting theme. They did it brilliantly.

This is a blog to help put all of our blogs in one place for you, so you can come back and dabble with their wisdom, inspiration, purpose, and stories, whenever you need to.

Healers, thank you. This year, more than ever, I thank you for being part of the Brave Healer revolution, and for sharing your voices, messages, tools, and expertise in such a powerful way.

And here they are for you. Enjoy! Bookmark this blog. Come back often. And make sure to leave our amazing authors a comment if you were moved by their brave words!

How to Turn the Worry of Uncertainty Into Joy, by Laura Di Franco

Opening the Blinds, by Lori Calvo, MHSA, NBC-HWC

Be Your Own Powerhouse and Savour, a Guest Post by Dianna Leeder, CPCC

From Loss to Life: Turning Pain Into Gain, a Guest Post by Stacey Siekman

Some of Your Darkest Days are Your Greatest Gifts, a Guest Post by Jacqueline M Kane, Medical Intuitive

Best Case Scenario, a Guest Post by Samantha Anderson

Now That’s the Depression Talking, a Guest Post by Susan Gaertner, CEO & Founder, When a Woman Starts Over, LLC

The Gift of Presence In Chaos, a Guest Post by Carolyn McGee, Intuitive Strategist

You Never Forget The First, a Guest Post by Lisa Karasek, Quantum Healer

The Magnetic Power of Our Words and Thoughts, a Guest Post by Janette Stuart

Embrace Uncertainty with a Daily Yoga Practice, a Guest Post by Ashley Hall, RYT-500

What Are We Certain About Anyway? A Guest Post by Dr. Shelley Astrof

What is a Guy From Hawaii Doing in Seattle (When It’s 5 Degrees Outside) A Guest Post by James Kawainui

A Moment of Pause Can Teach Many Lessons a Guest Post by Hemali V. Vora, MPT

A Breath of Fresh Air, a Guest Post by Neelam Singh, CHHC & E-RYT

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Laura Di Franco wants to help you write brave words that help heal the world. She’s the owner of Brave Healer Productions and the author of 17 books. With thirty years of holistic physical therapy and 14 years of martial arts study behind her, get ready for a badass, contagious energy that will move you into action. Ready to get your message into the world in a bigger way? Visit Laura at

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