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Niching; The Biggest Secret to Business Success

Whether you’re just starting to think about your new business or a few years into it, learning how to take advantage of your niche will greatly improve your chances of success.

There are two ways to think about niching. One is by picking a lane in your business and sticking to that zone of excellence. And the other is making sure you understand the niche of your ideal client, down to what flavor ice cream she likes.

As soon as I had clarity on these two things everything changed for the better. Not only did I enjoy more clients, but I had more energy, because being all over the place with your niche is exhausting, causing undue stress, and a lack of business development success. The energy becomes desperate and lacking and if you understand the Law of Attraction, that’s exactly the energy you don’t want when it comes to you and your badass business.

How do we get get the clarity with our niche? By understanding what we love, who we really want to serve, and what our bigger vision is for the business.

Embracing a bigger vision

If your vision isn’t big and your why behind it even bigger, get ready to burn yourself out never quite getting to the place you’re dreaming of. Small thinkers are going to create small goals and make small achievements. Nothing wrong with that except you were put here to do bigger things. What’s the biggest vision you have for your business; not you doing everything, but you sitting back and actually enjoying life while your business is running and creating passive income while you sip your mojito?

Niching for your zone of excellence

The first thing I want you to do is pick a lane. If I know you, I know that you’re doing a lot. You’re trying everything to pull income in and you’re scattered all over the place in terms of how your business is running. Don’t do that. Not only are you going to prolong your success, you’re going to burn out while you’re doing that.

Picking a lane means you’re going to get good at one thing, learn how to run a business and adopt a business mindset first, and then when you’ve mastered that, you can move on to other income producing aspects of your business. Don’t try too many things at once, because that means your energy is spread thin and you’re not mastering any one thing.

Niching Your Ideal Client

If you want to serve everyone you’ll lose in your business. Get over it. Learn to figure out exactly who you’re speaking to in terms of who you serve, down to their sex, marital status, income level and the flavor ice cream they like. The more specific you are the more you’ll succeed. I’m not telling you that others outside of that profile won’t show up, I’m telling you that if you keep trying to talk to them all, you’ll be talking (and marketing) to nobody. It’s the biggest mistake all business owners make because we feel like we’re here to serve everyone who needs us. That would be false. And attracting more of the clients you were born to serve will require you getting very clear on this.

More on Niching

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Your High Vibe Business, by Laura Di Franco, 6-time published author and owner of Brave Healer Productions and Donnie Boivin, sales pro and top-200 iTunes podcaster.

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