No matter what beautiful hue
your skin happens to be
the tragedy or trauma
you’ve incurred, endured or survived
the scars you wear
you know, the kind your family
chooses to hide…
it’s your heart I feel.

I see you there
no matter what gender, orientation, magnificent expression
of the divine
how you bend the rules
to make them yours
and take the less awake on a tour of your soul
when you smile with your eyes
or whisper a secret with your hug.

No matter the pain you’re in
the struggle, darkness, fear or hurt
I notice.

Because healing waits in the moment we wake
from our fairytale dream,
pull our sisters and brothers to our sides
and evolve together.

Healing happens when you turn your screens off
and touch something real
make a decision to feel what’s right
fight for what matters.

Yes we’ll take down the orange-headed monster down
but lets not forget to wage that war together.

Warrior love might sound hippie to you
but those gals and dudes had it down
love IS what makes the world go round.

So no matter what color, religion, preference or soul
you were put here to be
be that unapologetically.. with love.

Let’s spin this world around again
between fingers stronger by
molding our children from love
more hugs
more curiosity
less judgement
more peace and calm…

Breathe a little first
stop reacting from old rotting holes,
wounds inflicted
so long ago.

Be here
right now
feel how this moment gives you an opportunity to be

So maybe
you can choose

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s the author of Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her sixth book to help inspire your fiercely alive whole self. Join her and write words that build your business and heal the world. The Write Habit online writing club is now open at www.BraveHealer.com

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them! www.BraveHealer.com

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