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Invisible Illness; Everyone Has One

This is about being kind to everyone you meet no matter what.

I would guess everyone walking around on the planet is dealing with some kind of situation or illness (physical, mental or emotional) that’s invisible to most people. When are we going to be nicer to each other?

When are we going to make love the default? When will we stop being assholes when we have no idea what someone else is going through? When will the gossip stop?

Probably never. I’m trying anyway.

Because words heal when you’re brave enough to share them. And today I’m taking a few minutes to talk about what you don’t see in people, so that the next time you’re feeling an urge to judge, you just stop that and practice compassion instead.

Invisible Physical Illness

Ever have a doctor do all the tests and look at you and say, “Nothing’s wrong with you. This is in your head.”

I’ve heard that report from so many of my clients. It’s sad. See, there’s this invisible-to-tests tissue in your body called fascia that when dehydrated and restricted can cause up to 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch on nerve sensitive structures in your body.

You can’t see these restrictions but you can sure feel them.

Know someone with a Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue diagnosis? Ask them how their medical journey has been. Chances are they’ve been to the edge of desperate and hopeless. And many of their friends just don’t get it.

You have no idea what kind of pain people are walking around and working through.

Invisible Mental/Emotional Illness

You want to take a guess at how many of the people around you, including people you know well and love, are struggling mentally with something and it’s invisible to you? Because most people have mastered wearing the mask they think they need to put on to live in society.

Everyone struggles with something. Everyone. Some worse than others. And when people finally have the courage to reach out to their healthcare providers about it, what are they prescribed? Medication to mask it. Sleeping pills. Anxiety meds. Depression meds. Pain meds.

Medication is required sometimes. And that isn’t the point. The point is that if we as a community of humans would accept and talk to each other about the daily mental and emotional challenges of life, maybe, just maybe, people would have a chance to heal easier.

The Visible Stuff

It’s a lot easier when you see someone with a cast, brace, or life alert hanging around their neck, isn’t it? Easier not to judge. It’s obvious they have a “condition” of some sort. You’ll tend to open doors, carry bags, assist when needed, because you can see they need the help. You ask questions. You care.

What if everyone you met needed some sort of help?

What if everyone you met needed to be seen like that?

For me it’s not a what if. I know this to be true. Because to be human in the world means you have life to deal with and if you’re alive on the planet you need to connect with others, feel loved, feel needed, feel worthy; no matter if you’re “sick” or not.

So instead of needing to see the illness, disease, injury or obstacle, what if we could just know this about our fellow people? And offer a smile. Ask a question. Take a deep breath and slow down long enough to look in their eyes for the pain.

Everyone you meet is dealing with something you have no idea about. Small, medium or large…who cares? Everyone could use a dose of love today. And the dose you give? Who knows, it may just change someone’s life.

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Me on the beach in Cape Cod saying “Hey” to you!

Laura Di Franco, MPT won’t let you settle for a mediocre life. Your health, wealth and happiness is one Brave Healing book, poem, workshop, strategy session or moment away. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six published books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Laura’s energy and method are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced. Check out her newest book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her PODCAST, her badass programs and free Facebook group for healers.

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Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

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