I Think You Meant Me (a poem)

You touched me.
I looked at my feet.
You said,
I think you meant me.
My worth
rose to the surface,
peeked her head out.
I doubted.
Past pain
played a game
with my mind.
You were kind
You listened.
You touched me again.
My eyes
met yours this time.
And we kissed
for a thousand miles.

Laura Di Franco, MPT is a holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, blogger and black belt with over two decades of experience in healing. Her transformational programs combine the empowering tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you crave for your life and business. Laura’s enthusiasm is contagious and the spark that’ll inspire you to make the change you’ve been afraid to make. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for! Want a workshop that’ll give you practical powerful tools you can use to heal yourself today? Find them at www.BraveHealer.com And more free inspiration on my Facebook page HERE.

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