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I Love Getting Lost (a poem)

Laura Di Franco, MPT
2 min readOct 18, 2017


I love getting lost in a poem
connecting with words moving through me
from a mysterious and wonderful place,
catching them with my pen
in the quiet hours
when sounds are only my breath
and heartbeat
and the scribble of ink on the page.

I love writing and reading them out loud
hearing their rhythm and rhyme
feeling their sting
or the pang they make
against my heart
when it recognizes itself in a word
or a scene.

I love the way I feel when a poem comes
and someone says, “I love this!”
I’m in love with their reaction
or the sparkle in their eyes
or if I’m lucky, their applause
only when I’m brave enough
to stand up and share the things my soul speaks.

When poems fly free from me
I love them more than most all other
every day things
so much so I wonder what I’m doing
writing blogs and books
and other words
with less fire in them.

I love getting lost in a poem
stoking the flame in my soul
teasing out the sparks
delighting in the dance they do
on my skin
in goosebumps
and shivers.

I love how a poem lives
in the corners of my mouth
and the light beams through the blind slats
in the wanting ache between my thighs
or the blue of the October sky
the long sigh
that escapes when I’m relaxed.

I love getting lost in a poem.



Laura Di Franco, MPT

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