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How to Write a Spectacular Testimonial for the People You Love

If you’re a raving fan of a particular person with a small business and you want to help them out, learn to write a spectacular testimonial.

It’s easy and fun when you get the hang of how to use your words in powerful ways to promote the amazing people in your life. And if you happen to be a business owner, author, artist or other type of person who’d love some free publicity, a testimonial is a little gem of a tool for that too! Add your name and tag line and each testimonial becomes a little advertisement!

I started understanding the power of testimonials when I went out on my own and opened the doors for my first private physical therapy practice back in 2008. I relied on word of mouth referrals; a basic version of a powerful testimonial. When my clients said great things to their friends and family, those people would call and book an appointment. Word of mouth referrals are an amazing thing!

When I became a coach and author with an online presence, the need for awesome testimonials was even greater! Whether they were a few powerful written or videoed words about my book, a workshop, or a coaching session, those words became what sold my products and services to others looking for them!

The power of the testimonial is real; it’s a know, like and trust thing.

Think about what you do when you’re ready to buy anything…check out the Amazon reviews. I’ve used that handy little section on Amazon a few times, at least. Entrepreneurs rely on testimonials quite like you rely on Amazon this way; they help other people know that what they’re about to buy is the real deal, high quality and that they won’t be disappointed.

For small business owners testimonials and reviews are even more important. The little guys need your help. Without million-dollar marketing budgets we bank on your words to help get our message out. And believe me, we’re so darn grateful when you offer these little gems to us.

Not only do you help us spread our message, but you help give us the confidence to keep doing what we’re doing in the world.

Everyone needs to be told that what they do matters. Everyone wants to feel good about what they do in the world. Everyone loves a compliment. And everyone is thrilled when someone is courageous enough to share their positive experience out loud, so that others can benefit and possibly feel what they need to feel to move forward with a purchase they’re a little reluctant to make.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get you writing spectacular testimonials for the people you love:

  1. Tell the world about the transformation you had as a result of working with this person and how that came about. Here’s a real-life example for you; a testimonial I wrote about my speaking coach, Odette Peek:

    “Odette helped me craft my soul story and took me from a shaking leaf, to speaking that story out loud on stages. Not only did my confidence jump tenfold, I started to attract ideal clients and build my business. Odette’s coaching was on-point. Her skills as a speaker speak for themselves and her intuitive strategy left me with absolutely no excuses getting in the way of my success.”
  2. Share the details about the tools you learned. Many times someone you work with teaches you tools you’ll use for the rest of their life. We take this for granted sometimes. The little things are really big things. Here’s an example of a testimonial I wrote about my financial coach:

    “Jeniffer Hemphill not only understood where I was at in terms of my business and life, she taught me tools tailored for me and my personality. Without being pushy, she nudged me to take responsibility for my finances with powerful tools that included scheduling, budgeting and creating special accounts for the important areas in my business. Before meeting Jennifer, looking at my finances always scared me; I would run away, instead of face things head on with a strategy. Now, with a powerful strategy, thanks to her, I feel confident and even excited about my financial future.”
  3. Talk about the badass parts of their personality that resonated with you and made working with them a total blast. Here’s an example of a testimonial I wrote about blogging coach, Jon Morrow:

    “When I took Jon’s blogging course, Freedom Machine, I was excited to learn the ins and outs of monitizing my blog. Having been a past student of his, I knew the caliber of class I was about to partake in, so spending the money was a no-brainer for me. It was Jon’s personality that helped me know I was in the right place. Jon is real, raw and vulnerable about sharing his story with you. He’s smart, funny and he cares about his students. When you vibe with someone you’re buying from it’s icing. Well, the icing on Jon’s cake was way more than I expected. Any time I need a super-powered boost of inspiration, all I have to do is show up to read one of his blogs, or go hang out with him on his class forum. He’s the real deal.”
  4. Write about your takeaways, Aha’s or golden nuggets. Usually when we buy a book, go through a workshop, have a coaching session or purchase a product we experience a certain number of takeaways. I love this about life in general; there’s usually always something I can learn and takeaway from everything I experience. Here’s an example of a testimonial I wrote for Marie Forleo’s B-School and The Copy Cure program:

    “There were so many takeaways in Marie Forleo’s B-School and Copy Cure programs I felt like I’d won the lottery. The value Marie loads into her programs is phenomenal. I learned so many things about talking to my ideal client, about creating programs that client would love, and about the real power behind my business and my words, I could go on and on and on with a list that’s pages-long. Thank you Marie for giving me the tools and takeaways I needed to bring my Brave Healer business to the next level of badass!”
  5. Be real and tell your personal story. Many times when we love someone or something we’ve taken part in, it’s because our story changes from one we weren’t too happy with to one of more joy and a feeling of being truly alive and free. So tell your personal story as part of the testimonial. Be brave. It’s your real, authentic words that will resonate the most with anyone reading them. Here’s a testimonial about Laura Munson and her Haven Writing Retreat:

    “When I attended Haven I, Laura Munson’s writing retreat, I was in a place of uncertainty and confusion about my worth and my voice. I was afraid nobody would like me, or my writing. I wasn’t sure I was a good writer or that anyone would read what I wrote. After Haven and Laura’s expert guidance, I not only walked away knowing I was a good writer, but feeling the worth I’d waited a lifetime to feel. Laura had the intuition, the kindness and the skills to guide us through the darkest parts of our soul to the other side of that fear and into the light of our powerful voices. She taught me to write powerfully, and she taught me that my voice matters.”

Three things NOT to worry about when you’re crafting your testimonial:

The length of the testimonial: Your person loves as much detail as you have time for. They will take what they need. Write away! And, they’ll be happy with short and sweet as well. Even a couple sentences is helpful!

Whether or not it’s “Good enough.” Believe me, you wrote it. It’s kind. It’s good enough. Don’t let this inner critic voice prevent you from helping someone out like this!

Who’s going to read it. If you’re writing a testimonial, you can’t worry about who’ll read it. A great testimonial is plastered everywhere; website, social media, newsletters, etc… Be proud your person loves your words so much they want to share them. And if you’re worried, for any reason, then ask them to sign it “Anonymous,” or “Student,” or “Grateful client.”

So whatever you do after you read this blog, don’t wait to write the words for and about someone you love, someone who’s helped you transform your life, or someone who’s light, energy or awesomeness has made a difference for you. Don’t wait. As you type those words of support, love and gratitude, you infuse yourself with those feelings and it’s a win-win. Don’t worry about your words being good enough. Your person will help you with that if needed. Just write them, and send them with big love. You just don’t know how amazing it’s going to make them feel to know what they’ve done for you.

aura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s the author of Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her sixth book to help inspire your fiercely alive whole self. Join her and write words that build your business and heal the world. The Write Habit online writing club is now open at and you’ll find her FREE Facebook group HERE!

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Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

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