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How to Get Your Joy Back On Faster After Let Down

Feeling a little let down after Thanksgiving? Here’s the trick to getting your joy back on; don’t let the feeling mean anything.

All that planning, preparing, thinking; expectations of a wonderful day, and today you’re waking up wondering why you feel like crap? It’s not just the food overload.

A loved one not behave the way you’d hoped? Part of the meal not taste exactly like you’d planned? Not get the compliments you expected? The people you invited not show up? Were you alone?

I found myself with the let down feeling starting up even before the day was done yesterday; thoughts of “You’re a loser,” “That wasn’t good enough,” and “This meal was shit,” dancing through my head, smashing the sugar plums like Godzilla.

Why oh why do I make this feeling in my hut (heart and gut) mean all those terrible things? Why can’t I let the feeling be what it is without making it mean anything and go on my merry way?

And there, my friends, is the trick to getting your joy back on.

Let the feeling be what it is, and do not, under any circumstances, start to make it mean anything. This is a life-changing mindfulness concept that few of us are quick enough to practice because we’re in a habitual pattern of self-sabotage that has us by the throat.

I’ve learned to practice awareness and I’ve learned that the practice is how my life becomes a much more fun place to dwell. Godzilla goes down the moment you realize he doesn’t exist. Your thoughts are the monsters allowing the feeling to be driven into you and twisted like a knife. You make the feeling mean something and then that meaning shoves you into a pit so dark and deep you don’t see the way out.

With awareness there’s a choice. When we take responsibility for feeling everything (and not making it mean anything) we get our power and our life back. We start being able to choose the responses.

Yesterday in the middle of a wonderful day with two very special people I woke up to this. I smiled. And then I just was. I allowed the feelings to be what they were, the moment to be what it was, and I moved into the next moments without expectation, just a smile and gratitude.

We had a great meal and saw a fun movie afterward. I went to be early. It was what it was and today I’m not letting any of it mean anything about me or my worth as a human.

Let down happens after holidays, birthdays, weddings, special events, achievements, etc…Think back to one you had. Did it go down as you expected? And even if it did, did you find yourself waking the next day with a weird low feeling?

Let down was a habitual pattern for me, no matter how perfect my day went, until yesterday.

Yesterday I caught it in the act and put a smile on my face; I chose a different way to think, believe and act and in doing so Godzilla went down. Battling the monsters that are your thoughts is difficult at first and much easier as you gain momentum in the practice. Just noticing the feeling is the first step.

Here are some guidelines to help you practice and get your joy on when let down strikes the next time:

  1. Notice what you feel and just breathe with it. The practice of body awareness is the first step and key to success.
  2. Observe your thoughts and make space. The practice of noticing your thinking and then when you notice, taking a giant step back and watching them like a movie is the next step to the awareness practice that will begin to change your life.
  3. Start journaling about your feeling and thinking. Writing things down is a way to Feng Shui your soul, notice patterns, and have big Aha’s about your life.
  4. Wake up inside the habit of negative thinking. The more you practice feeling and noticing the thinking, the faster you can take responsibility for all of it and choose. Catch your patterns and habits. Challenge yourself to notice these things every day.
  5. Choose something healthier. Once you’re noticing your feeling and thinking, it’s your choice to pick thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that you’d prefer, that are healthier, better, more aligned ways to think and behave. Flipping the switch from negative to positive gets easer and easier as you feel the momentum of joy building in your life.

Lastly, commit to the momentum of joy, gratitude and love. Feeling let down after a big day is normal, but the feeling doesn’t have to spin you into a pit of depression or keep you paralyzed from the next best step in your life. The faster you commit to joy, the faster your life becomes a magical journey other people want to know more about. The faster you commit to joy, the brighter your light shines and reveals the path before you.

Join me in the comments and talk to me about your version of let down; how does it feel and what have you made it mean in the past?

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