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How to Get Motivated; Motivation Mojo Lesson 3 — The Magic!

Getting and staying motivated can be challenging. Today I’ll give you the magic to feeling and staying motivated when it comes to going for your desires, dreams and goals. Hint; it’s the action.

If you missed Lesson 1, read that HERE. And Lesson 2 is HERE. You’ll be more successful if you start with a foundation of body awareness and thought awareness. Those two blogs in the series will get you there and ready for this one!

Action taking is the magic to motivation mojo.

It’s through acting with the feelings of dread, doubt, fear or fatigue and the self-sabotaging thoughts of not-good-enough or procrastination, that will create the new habits you crave.

When you take action despite the feelings and thoughts you kill the sabotage, gain momentum, and are inspired to take more action. You must overcome the weight and inertia of the voice telling you to stay in your comfort zone in order to make this work. You must start to look at action, despite mistakes and failures, as stepping stones.

Action is the magic.

Actions can be small, medium or large. They can be related to the goal, or indirectly effect it. Any amount or kind is good, especially when you’ve found yourself in the rut of routines or habits that keep you down, unhealthy, negative or zombie-like.

Every thought of dread, fear, doubt, fatigue, negativity etc…has a physical feeling in you. Fear is just a feeling y’all, and to get over it and move toward doing the thing you want to do it’s going to take action with the feeling. This takes practice.

For instance, I know I should exercise today. It’s one of my goals to stay fit and keep my fifty-year-old body in the best shape I can. Why? It keeps me flowing with the energy to sustain my active, creative, badass lifestyle. It’s important. It matters to me. But it’s cold outside. And I didn’t sleep well last night. Another cup of coffee sounds really good right now and I can’t find my tennis shoes.

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I feel the weight of the self-sabotaging thoughts and the ache to just sleep more. Then I think, what would your future self thank you for? Yeah, you’ve heard that before. But do you ask it on a regular basis? Do you do something about it?

So I do. I lace up the shoes that I magically found in the back of my closet. I put on the layers to keep me warm for the two-mile run. And I walk out the door with the feeling of I-don’t-want-to-do-this still in me (somewhere around my chest).

And what happens? I get back from my run inspired, invigorated, happy to have done something good for me. I’m motivated to go check it off on my calendar and write in my journal a bit. I’m motivated for the next run. That feeling gains some momentum inside me.

The fear and doubt are always more painful than the action.

It’s always more painful to stay in the self-sabotaging thoughts, fear, and waiting…thinking about that thing you need to do, than actually just doing it and getting it over with. We waste so much time letting the thoughts and feelings drag us down.

What does it take to overcome that and actually move with the feelings? That’s a question you’ll have to find out for yourself.

What I’ve realized is any type of action usually helps, even if it’s not directly related to your goal. When you’re stuck, paralyzed, unmotivated and down, it’s harder. Recognizing the habitual feelings is key (go read the first two articles in this series). When you’re better at noticing and you’re ready to align your action with the goals, you have a magic key to making things happen.

What is your big goal? Why do you want to achieve it? I highly recommend taking out a pen and paper right now and writing this down for yourself. Because if your goal, and especially the why behind it, isn’t big enough, you won’t have strong enough fuel to overpower the feelings and thoughts that pull you in the pit.

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Here are some actions to take when you’re unmotivated and need to shift that energy:

1. Take a walk or exercise in any capacity (bonus if it’s with a friend)

2. Call a friend and talk about it

3. Journal

4. Research your goal

5. Write your goal down and why you want to achieve it

6. Dance or sing

7. Get a massage (any kind of nourishing self-care is the key here)

8. Pet your dog

9. Take a drive through the country

10. Go for tea in a new environment

I could list 100 more ideas but I’m hoping you’re getting the picture that any kind of action is enough to shift your stuck energy. Getting and staying motivated to go for your goals is sometimes just a matter of creating habits that keep you in action with things that feel good to you. So, what feels good to you?

And when you’re ready to hone in on that goal for the year; create your new business, write your book, etc…you can take that goal and break it down in to action steps. Schedule those on your calendar (because if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real) and then protect that time.

Prioritize what matters to you; the action that leads to your goals and dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this motivation series. If you ended up with questions or comments about it (maybe you know a badass tool that can help people?) I invite you to join me in the comments with it!

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