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How to Get Motivated; Motivation Mojo Lesson 2

This is Part 2 in a series of 3 blogs to help you get motivated this year. Motivation is complicated and difficult, if you think it is. And right there is the foundation for lesson two; observing your thoughts. If you missed Lesson 1, you can read it HERE.

Getting motivated started in our body (Lesson 1) and with lesson two, we’re back in our minds but only for the sake of watching our thoughts.

Watching our thoughts (like a hawk!) is how we’ll take stock of the thoughts and beliefs that serve our goals, and the ones that don’t. Observing our thoughts is how we get to make a choice to hold on to them, or choose other, more helpful ones. This kind of awareness is the game-changing kind; the awareness that allows you to see what you’ve been doing to sabotage your own motivation.

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You’re tired, you can just do it tomorrow, I think. And I end up plopping myself on the bed with the remote and some Netflix instead of getting my shoes laced up and out for a run. Exercise is an important part of one of my goals this year; to rock my fifty-year-old body in a way I’ve never done before.

The thought in my head doesn’t serve or align with the bigger goal. It trashes my motivation. It sucks my mojo right out the window and I’m doing what I don’t want to do one more time. I’m not exercising.

This sucks. Because I really do want that body I was talking about. I know the end result is going to be something I’m proud of and creates a state of health for me that will serve all my other goals. But I make another choice in that moment because I allow myself to listen to that voice. I let it paralyze me.

One of the ways to make sure you’re setting yourself up for feeling motivated about what you’re doing is to understand your own values. This article about motivation takes you through that process, which is a great way to start if you’re not sure what those are. Also, I highly recommend the little gem of a book, You, Rising! The author takes you on a simple journey to your own values and from there you can begin to practice the awareness tools I’m offering below!

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Here are three steps to practice thought awareness and get one step closer to some increased motivation mojo this year:

The first thing to do when you’re practicing awareness of your thoughts is notice. One helpful step for noticing is to write some of the messages or voices down. What are the habitual, repetitive inner critic messages that come through that tend to sabotage you on a regular basis? Get them out of you and on paper. The next time they pop up, you’ll have a greater awareness and you’ll have a chance to make another kind of healthier choice.

2. Take responsibility

With awareness you have a choice. Thought awareness is an interesting thing. When you understand the thoughts that sabotage your motivation, you then can take full responsibility for the choices you make. That’s sometimes what keeps people stuck and in unconscious behavior. They don’t actually want the responsibility. They’d rather just be lazy or be able to blame something or someone else.

The awareness gives you a choice to act with the thought. And the action can be aimed at the goal, no matter what the thought is. In Motivation Mojo Lesson 3 I’ll go into the action taking, but right now, it’s a must to get familiar with your own voices.

3. Recognize what doesn’t align

Many times the self-sabotaging voice is that of a parent, teacher, coach or other prominent authority figure in our lives that we listened to as a child. Can you recognize the voice coming through you? What does it say? What tone does it have? Can you hear your mom or dad’s voice saying it? The important piece here is the awareness that allows you to recognize the voice doesn’t serve you anymore. The game changing piece happens when you realize you’ve been letting old, conditioned, unhelpful beliefs run your show; that you’re still letting them even though you’re an adult.

Recognize the thoughts and beliefs that are unhelpful, and don’t align with the person you are now, the mission she has, and who she’s being in the world. It’s time to choose different thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Those that serve your desires, goals, dreams and future.

Stay tuned for Lesson three next week when I’ll outline the last and probably most important step: taking action with that new awareness you have. When we feel it in our body, know the difference between what feels good and what doesn’t serve us anymore, then it’s time to think, believe and act in a way that moves us toward what we want. In the mean time, go back to Lesson 1, re-read lesson 2, and practice! The practice is the journey. Enjoy the journey!

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Me in my dobuk.

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s the author of Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her sixth book to help inspire your fiercely alive whole self. Join her and write words that build your business and heal the world. The Write Habit online writing club is now open at and you’ll find her FREE Facebook group HERE!

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