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How to Get Motivated; Motivation Mojo Lesson 1

Eat better. Exercise. Declutter the house. Finally write that book. Whatever you really want to do, know you should do, understand is the path to your own success but can’t seem to get your ass to do; it’s time to learn the tools to make it happen. Here’s your Motivation Mojo Lesson 1. Stay tuned for Lesson 2 and 3 over the next two weeks.

“You know if we’d just figure out how to make people do what they already know they should, we’d make a billion dollars on that book!”

I was talking to a coach about motivation. “You’re right,” she said, “It is the billion dollar question. And nobody’s really figured it out yet.”

I think she was wrong. I think a lot of people have figured it out. That’s why you see so many awesome life coaches in the world right now. They know the secrets. They follow the secrets. They reap the rewards. They want to tell the world. There’s only one problem; what people think gets in the way of what they know.

Motivation matters. You might like to read about the theories and science of it in this article.

Motivation is totally and completely a mindset game, but maybe not in all the ways you think. And I’d love to give you a few Motivation Mojo Lessons early this year so you won’t have any excuses. I’m going to do this in three parts, because it’s going to take a few weeks to get down the steps. I’ll give you a week between each to practice, come back with comments or questions and then we’ll get to the next step.

I’m going to drop some powerful resources for you too. So get ready for some articles, tips, tricks and book recommendations that will have your motivation game up-leveled in no time!

Lesson 1 is about awareness. Now listen, if you’re thinking, “I already do that,” stay with me here. Awareness is a practice that must be mastered, or at least improved, before we’ll feel the difference in our ability to motivate ourselves to do what we know we should/want to/need to do to get to the next best step. With awareness you have a choice. With awareness you get full responsibility for everything in your life.

That usually makes people run for the hills. And I think it’s the number one reason we keep ourselves unconscious and paralyzed. It’s so much easier to stay in our comfort zone. So much easier to play dumb, unaware and stay content, resigned and a little “meh” about our life status just the way it is.

Conjuring up the motivation to do what you know you need to do to take things to the next step requires you to have courage and move through the doubt, fear, shame, laziness, good excuses, etc…It requires you to first feel all those things though, and be a true master at listening to the sensations in your body and the habitual thoughts in your head.

Today the awareness lesson is about feeling. So I’ve outlined a little 3-Step practice for you here, to begin to feel your body. Next week I’ll guide you to observing the thoughts; an awareness game changer. And then in our third lesson, I’ll have you taking action with the awareness which is the ultimate answer to everything you’re hoping to be motivated to do.

Feel everything first

  1. Start getting still more often to notice the sensations of your body. It sounds, and is, simple. The practice is meditative, but doesn’t necessarily require closed eyes. More formal sitting mediation is awesome, but what I’d like you to do is spend more time feeling your body and the sensations you notice. Because those sensations are the language of your intuition, inner wisdom and healer. You’ll kind of want to understand that language because it’s the language that will help you motivate and do the things you really want to do.
  2. As you practice more and more, write down what you notice. As you start this practice the journaling will enhance that awareness. Moving ideas out of you onto paper allows you to literally look at them and discover things about yourself. Use journaling as a tool to record what you feel and make some observations about it.
  3. Create reminders to feel. The biggest problem when you’re starting out is that you know what to do but just forget to do it. The old habit is stronger than the new one, so you default to it a lot. When I began practicing body awareness I had to remind myself to do it often. I used sticky notes, iPhone reminders, journaling and speaking my goals out loud to others I wanted to help me stay accountable.

Okay, so now it’s time to go out and practice. Let feeling be your guide this week and start to notice what happens around the idea of motivation when you’re struggling to get things done. And…while you’re on the topic, you might decide to pick up The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. I loved it and actually wrote an article about it that you can read HERE.

Until next week — let me know in the comments what your biggest struggle around motivation is. Maybe I can help you start to shift your challenge to triumph!

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