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High Vibe Selling; 5 Things to Remember

Selling is self-love. Start selling your gifts and change the world.

When I brought up the Brave Healer Blog party topic this fall I could hear the groans from my goddesses; healers who probably didn’t want to write about their journey of selling their services. They stepped up and did it anyhow.

Some tweaked the topic to get around the selling piece and some hit it between the eyes with their unique flare. Congratulations to them for writing about a topic that feels really hard to write about for many.

Why did I pick this topic instead of a more “healing” kind of thing? That’s just it! The entrepreneurial journey — like all of it, is a healing journey. Some would say the kind warriors are made of.

Healers aren’t taught how to market or sell. They’re taught to make people feel better; assist in the facilitation of the healing process in others. Most of us learned that selling was slimy. Most of us learned that the only real, authentic way to sell our services was to get word-of-mouth referrals because then the selling was happening by someone else.

Most of us really suck at talking about what we do in a confident way.

And I was here to change that. Because the Brave Healer revolution is changing the world, one brave word at a time — only if we’re actually brave enough to be out loud with the words!

How do we expect to help more people without those people who need us the most actually hearing about us and what we do?

Selling is a form of self-love. Standing tall in the middle of our worthiness and speaking our message, story and truth out loud is believing in ourselves. It’s an energy of love toward who we are and what we’re here to do in the world that more of us need to master. We healers are a unique group of people who’ve chosen this path to help others for a living, for our journey and our legacy.

It’s time we figure out that part of that path is to talk about it in a way that more people understand what authentic, holistic, effective healing really is.

And so I challenged my ladies to do that. And over the last few weeks, you’ll see the many ways they did. Below you’ll find each blog topic linked up for you to read. Please do read a few, make some comments, share if you love the message…we writers thrive on engagement from our fans. It’s what we hope and dream of. Be brave — add your two cents to the conversation these ladies are starting.

And for you, if you’re a healer struggling to figure out how to talk about who you are and what you do in a way that feels great, brave, confident and in a way other people really get it, I’m offering a few tips or mantras here to get in you in the mindset of selling as self-love. The more the merrier — and it’s how you’ll change the world.

5 Things to Remember About High Vibe Selling

  1. You were born, so you’re worthy. Your message really matters. What if the thing you’re still afraid to share is exactly what someone else needs to hear to change or save their life? Time to be brave.
  2. Your fear of not-good-enough is boring. It’s not about you anymore. See number one.
  3. You’re here to help others. The only way they will know about you and what you do is if you’re brave enough to share who you are and what you do. Time to be brave.
  4. The energy of gratitude, confidence, connection and purpose is what you embody when you share yourself and your message this way. You’re not only helping others, you’re infusing yourself with that energy. That raises your vibration and that of the people around you. It pays to practice it.
  5. Sharing what you do and offer is necessary. In fact, if you keep it to yourself you’re being a little selfish. What if you have the answer to someone’s problem? Give them an opportunity to hear you, see you, know you…give them the opportunity to have their life changed.

High vibe selling is in the energy with which you be every day inside of your purpose, mission and calling. Be confident! Be sure! Be badass! Be generous! Be brave! You’re changing the world warrior.

Please enjoy a few more stories about this from some of my favorite people and writers. And if you’re curious about the course that will change the way you express yourself and your message in the world, check out Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healer Entrepreneurs. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything? This is that course. And it starts in January!

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Entrepreneurship: My fear driven path to Healing and Serving. A Guest Post by Carolyn McGee

The Journey to Embracing My Power, a Guest Post by Jacqueline Kane

Falling Into My Life’s Purpose; a Guest Post by M’Elle Pirri Lee

I Relearned How to Be Me; a Guest Post by Lisa Karasek

Depression is Like That Sometimes; a Guest Post by Lori Calvo

Laura Di Franco, MPT won’t let you settle for a mediocre life. Your health, wealth and happiness is one Brave Healing book, poem, workshop, strategy session or moment away. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six published books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Laura’s energy and method are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced. Check out her newest book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her PODCAST, her badass programs and free Facebook group for healers.

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