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Brave as Fuck (a poem to inspire your fiercely alive whole self)

Dear Goddess,

It doesn’t matter what they told you
or who they taught you to be.
The rules they made you follow
were what they thought you were supposed to see.

It doesn’t matter how they acted
or how they tried to make you feel.
The way they told you to behave
was based on their beliefs.

You are worthy
little one.

You are good enough.

You’re smart
don’t forget it.

You are brave as fuck!

Everything you’ve been through
everything you’ve learned
all the events of your life
the people who’ve come and gone…

It’s all meant to serve you
It’s all meant for you to know
the greatest truth and secret
the precious pieces of your soul.

Take it all as a gift -
every little thing.
You don’t ever have to doubt
the meaning of what life brings.

Your only real job
is to remember who you are.
Remember you’re a spark of God.
Remember all your power.

You’re not only here to suffer
to be punished or feel pain.
You’re also here to have the sweetest joys
hear the love song your heart sings.

How do I know these things?
Who am I to tell you this?
I’m the one who helped heal the wound,
woke up to what life is.

I’m your essence
your soul
your truest self
speaking from the podium of your heart.

I’ve spent decades learning about you
and what you were born to do.
I’ve lived lifetimes
so you could finally feel
the raging fire within you.

This time I thought I’d start speaking
words and phrases that rhyme
take it all up a notch
hope you notice how much you shine.

Now you know the secrets
you have all the tools
you’ve built a solid foundation
and created a plan with your muse.

Open up the flood gates
reach for the sky
take your foot off the breaks
you were meant to fly.

There’s no more time for doubt
worry, fear or shame.
You know what you’ve come for
you’re good at this game.

Use everything you know
remember who you are.
Speak and teach it to the ones
who’re still remembering it all.

You are worthy
warrior goddess.

You are good enough.

You are smart,
don’t forget it.

You are brave as fuck.

Laura Di Franco, MPT is an author of Spiritual Erotica, an intuitive writing strategist, holistic physical therapist, poet and third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. She works with women and men struggling to feel worthy, brave and inspired by showing them how to take aware, aligned and on-purpose action on their desires. She teaches the transformational tools for healing, and powerful strategy for the expression that’ll nourish your fiercely alive whole self. When you’re ready to begin an adventure to your soul, and live the life you crave, she’s your sherpa. Want a workshop that’ll give you practical powerful tools you can use to heal yourself today? Find them at And more free inspiration on Laura’s Facebook page HERE. Grab your free copy of her new eBook, 7 Badass Habits for Next Level Living HERE!

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!