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Being the Change; The Big Mistake We’re Making

I had the special pleasure to attend an open mic poetry event this past weekend where a couple of special guests attended. KaNikki Jakarta and her husband, 13 of Nazareth, both performance poets, came to hang, and yes, they spoke some words. So did I. It was awesome, as always.

During 13's performance (which was so outstanding all I could do afterward was look at him and say, “Thank you”) I especially caught on to a few words he spoke about being the change. He talked about Mother Teresa’s message encouraging us to be advocates of peace rather than waging wars on violence, or injustice, or racism, or any other thing we want to see banished from the world.

We don’t get it yet

Yet…we don’t really get it, do we? We still fight our wars. And that is the big mistake we’re all making. We think we’re being the change when actually we are perpetuating the negativity, violence, judgement, and injustice.

We still fight our wars against drugs and racism and violence and cancer and whatever else we really don’t want in the world. And we do it passionately, don’t we?

What we’re not getting is that you can’t get there (a better place) from here (the place where you keep putting all the energy into the bad mojo).

Have you heard this next quote? “Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen?”

Well, so is fighting against something you don’t want. Because all it’s doing, energetically, is pouring your sacred resources into the negativity. It’s a language thing, but it’s specifically an energetic focus thing. Everything is energy. And in the Law of Attraction like attracts like. If you pray against war. Guess what you attract. War.

It’s all about awareness

It took me a bit to really get this. You have to use a special amount of awareness to catch yourself in the negative language and energy.

I’m a fan of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, if you haven’t guessed by now. The movie The Secret and the book, A New Earth were first on my list of influences in this arena. They changed the way I functioned in the world by up-leveling my awareness.

They woke me the fuck up to what and how I was habitually thinking, doing, saying and being in the world; creating my life.

I’ve always been a positive person. I’ve always had massive amounts of success because of that. So in theory, this Law of Attraction had already been proven in my world over and over again. But when I learned the real power behind the so-called tricks, big amazing things started happening.

I landed a book deal. And an agent. I attracted big, fat, juicier love than I’d ever experienced before. I’ve had moments since “practicing” this that I actually want to pinch myself to see if it really is all a dream.

You know it is, right? All of this…a dream. And you’re the creator.


Back to the important part; why it’s going to be necessary to practice the Law of Attraction and all those secrets, which aren’t so secret actually, and create this new earth Eckhart keeps talking about when it comes to the bigger, more global, more peace-on-earth kind of things.

You can’t get rid of racism by focusing on racism. You focus on loving each other instead.

You’re not going to help the people of the earth stop dropping bombs on each other by focusing your energy on anti-war sentiments. You practice loving each other instead.

We will not be able to diminish gun violence by putting our energy and attention on guns and violence and anti-gun or anti-violence movements. You practice patience, understanding, awareness, and on loving each other instead.

Create a movement you want

We need the peace movement. We need the love movement. We need a serious #WarriorLoveMovement and #BraveHealing movement.

So I’m asking you to watch what you focus on. Watch it like a hawk. Watch it like the best movie you’ve ever seen, with your whole body, mind and soul.

I cancelled my cable a year and a half ago. It was a play I made in the get-the-negativity-out-of-my-house game. You wanna know how much happier I’ve felt since? Mucho.

Those of you who know me personally know that wasn’t all I detoxed from.

A long time ago I had a discussion with a friend about why they keep teaching our kids in school about all the horrible things that happened in our history, in the name of honoring those whose lives were lost or ruined. I hated history. And now I know why. It’s bad energy that keeps itself alive every single time you learn about the attrocities.

There are so many people (aside from the history teachers) who will not agree with me here. But look at the track record so far.

What’s our track record?

And I ask you…how’s that working for us?

If you want to be the change, be the change. Talk about something different. Do things differently. Break a few rules. Blow a few minds. Do it your way. Question everything. Think about, talk about, and be super-unapologetic about the love. The joy. And the solutions.

Be the solutions. Don’t be a broken zombie record of negativity or complaint. Don’t keep venting. Don’t keep comiserating.


Learn how to meditate. Take a breathwork class. Talk about what turns you on. What you love. Engage in healing conversations. Initiate aware and thoughtful discussion that lifts people up. Write words that help. Send notes that question or help others question. Speak about what is good and right. And how to feel more of that. Write more poems. (You know I had to add that).

This will take fierce awareness of the patterns you’re in; the habitual, conditioned, ingrained ways you’ve been taught to think, believe and act. It will take a ton of curiosity and way less judgement. It will take practice and vulnerability. It’s going to take stopping yourself mid-sentence sometimes to ask, do I really think that? Do I really want to be that? Is that really who I envision being in the world?

What will it take to be the change? Hit me up in the comments with your awesomeness.

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