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Being Someone’s BETA: The Pros, Cons, and Opportunities

Laura Di Franco, MPT


“Join this BETA program and receive a big discount and mega perks!” Ever see an invitation like this? Have you been someone’s BETA before? Did you love it or hate it?

I love being a BETA tester, but there are pros and cons you should weigh to get the biggest advantage out of a program where the course or program leader is trying it out for the first time.

What is a BETA program?
Essentially, a BETA is a test, an experiment, and a way for the owner of a program, workshop, course, or service to do a first-round test of their offering, get feedback, and then improve for the next round. Sometimes, my friends complete their BETA and decide never to do it again, thinking it a failure. I think failures are stepping stones.

I love BETA programs. They are what helped me create the empire I run today. I intend to fail faster these days.

“I want you all to do a BETA of your workshop as homework. Sign people up, teach your course, and then you can set a second date and refine for the next one.”

This was absolutely the best business coaching homework I’ve ever received. Out of the 12 people in our coaching program, I was the only one who created a BETA program. I’m now the owner of an award-winning publishing company.

My first workshop was called Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers. My goal was to help my healer friends write, speak, and share their brave story medicine in bigger ways to help them grow their businesses. There were 12 people in my first class, which ran for over three years before I changed the name and crafted the next version of my offerings. That BETA program helped me gain the required clarity I needed for many of the other offerings our company provides now. It also brought ideal clients into my world that generously helped me shape my offerings, build other offerings, and grow my business.

The Pros of running a BETA program

You should run a BETA program if you’re:
~Unclear on your ideal client
~Need to figure out pricing
~Not 100% clear on your program agenda
~Just starting out and need a lot of feedback
~Need testimonials

BETA programs provide:
~An excellent chance to get information and copywriting from ideal clients.
~Clarity on pricing and upsells.
~Ideas for next-level offerings.
~Ideas for offering content.
~The feedback you need to do another next version of the offering that is better than the first.
~Great testimonials!

Why you should BE someone’s BETA tester

I was recently sold a five-figure program without knowing it was a BETA. In retrospect, it would’ve been smarter for the CEO to divulge that secret up front, because—integrity. It’s not cool to find out you were the BETA after the fact when things aren’t going as they planned or promised, and you’re stuck with the fallout. I wasn’t, thank goodness.

In the end, I was delivered more than promised, which is why I didn’t mind not knowing. I’ll still sign up to be someone’s BETA all day long because not only do I usually get a badass discount for the services, but I also get to provide much-needed feedback that improves the service for me and the next person. I know what it’s like, so I want to help others do it. This is a pay-it-forward mindset that always pays me back in the end.

The Cons of a BETA

~They take a lot of time, energy, and effort.
~You might feel less confident or a little overwhelmed.
~You might be receiving less than you should in terms of fees.
~You’ll have to get tech support to work out the glitches.
~You may find out that what you hoped would work, doesn’t and have to start from scratch. But remember—stepping stones.

I’m sure people have been burned by BETA programs, but I believe that if you sign up knowing you’re helping someone test something, you can ask questions to get as clear as possible about expectations, and then ultimately benefit from all that is offered.

How to run a great BETA program

Here’s what every business owner should keep in mind when doing a BETA test of their program:
~Keep communication clear and consistent
~Let your testers know the details and set clear expectations of deliverables
~Make sure you have an agreement for what you want/need if they sign up
~Be available for questions, comments, and feedback at every stage of the program, not just the end
~Ask for feedback at every stage of the program, not just the end
~Consider making the BETA participants lifelong members as a thank-you
~Make sure you express your gratitude during and after the program

Lastly, my huge thank you goes out today to all the Brave Healers in my community who have BETA-tested something for me. You all are what helped me create a company that’s changing the world. Your belief in my vision and trust in me and my mission are a driving force for me every single day. I love you all. Thank you.

Oh, and a little bird told me we’ll be BETA-testing a new program to help you get your business systems organized for ultimate success and growth. Make sure to get onto my announcements list HERE so you can be the first to hear!



Laura Di Franco, MPT

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