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Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

I fell so hard
showed on my soul

Love so deep
I keep
wondering if it’s real

Your child-like ways
fill my days
with pure joy

Your sweet embrace
a place
I melt into peace

I want you so much
I lose touch
with my truest self

Feels so good
think I should feel
something else

Your innocent smile
turns my dial
all the way up

How you kiss
never misses
a shot to my heart

I can release
the reason
you’ve arrived in my life

Ready to take
the ache
you’re creating inside

You’re lighting
a fire so bright
I can barely see

But I know you were sent
and they meant
to set my soul free

I surrender to this
the free-fall, the bliss
your dark magic spell

And if this’s the deal
I might as well feel
everything you’ve got to give

I’m ready now, unattached
perfectly matched
for your love

Flying so high with
wings made of your kindness
and a little help from above

As free as stardust
thrust through the sky
ready for your wish

Ready for more joy

Ready for it all

Ready for my new life

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