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An Open Letter to my Healer Colleagues About Being Brave

Healers and light-workers, when shit sucks, remember: we’re the brave souls with a mission to help the world and we must persist.

Who am I to tell you how this should go down?

I grew up a child of divorce and suffered the effects of alcoholic family members. My battle, for as long as I can remember, has been that of feeling my worth. I’ve come from a place of severe introversion, fear and unworthiness to warrior goddess over my couple decades as a healer, a martial artist, a mother and a relentless seeker of joy. I’ve been blessed with powerful teachers. And I’m ready to pay that all forward, help you be brave, and hopefully start a few bonfires of inspiration while I’m at it.

What do we need to do?

We must persist in our practice of awareness, our discipline of positivity, gratitude and love, our healthy habits of detachment, non-judgement and heart-centered listening, and our mission of full, authentic expression in the world. It’s through this practice and the persistence of it that we’ll change everything; our own lives and circumstances first, and then the world.

We must remember who we are and what we’re here to do. We must remember we matter, we’re worthy, and we’re enough. We must practice the battle and triumph over the inner critic voices, the doubt and the fear, and we must not quit.

In a recent piece from renowned awareness teacher Tara Brach, she teaches us about working with unworthiness, “The practice of meditation, or coming into presence, is described as having two wings. The wing of mindfulness allows us to see what is actually happening in the present moment without judgement. The other wing is heartfulness or love — holding what we see with tenderness and compassion. You might think of it as two questions: What is happening right now? and Can I be with this and regard it with kindness? These are the two wings that we cultivate to be able to wake up out of the trance of unworthiness — out of the spacesuit self — and sense that gold that’s shining through.”

She then invites us into the practice itself:

“I’d like to invite you to take a moment to check in and just to feel into the inquiry: Is there anything, right this moment, between me and feeling at home in myself, at home in who I am? What is here, right now? Can I be with this? Can I regard this with kindness?”

I highly suggest you take the last paragraph on as a writing prompt.

Let’s let the ache of our calling, purpose and mission take us over and drive us into and through the fire.

This’s who we are; warriors for love, healing and harmony, cheerleaders for humanity and joy, doctors for crushed souls. We have to take ourselves and our mission seriously now; not fall into the trap of the old wounds that whine and cry and keep us small and powerless. We’re more than that now. We understand it at a deeper level. We have a choice to play in a more fruitful sandbox, or sit in the old grimy one alone.

Let’s stop making it about us.

Let’s make it about that one person who needs the message the most. The one who’s told you so, over and over again. The one you’re having trouble believing. Let’s believe in that for once; in ourselves, and the bigger thing we all serve.

Let’s do this because we know it’s our purpose, and stop letting getting stuck, blocked or afraid be in the way of the brilliance sitting on the surface waiting for a crack to shine through. Let’s crack ourselves open so there’s not just a sliver but a wide open canyon to rage our fire through. If you’re kept back by a voice that says, who am I to do this — remember, who are you not to? Who’s healing transformation are you preventing by letting fear keep you paralyzed and silent?

Let’s find the courage to live fiercely alive.

How about we give ourselves permission to live. To feel joy. To go on a rampage of love and gratitude? It’s time to feel everything and know that’s our superpower. It’s time to take our sensitive, empathetic butts on tour and flaunt that stuff like it’s the brightest bedazzle on our little jean jacket. We’ve spent enough time practicing the suffering. Time to show the world something new. Time to laugh loudly enough to get attention and make them wonder, if she feels that it must mean I can too!

Let’s get over the need to heal one more thing and embrace our imperfection.

Lets tell people about those things, like they’re badges of honor. Because they are. Every scar. Every wound. Every experience…worthy. Only we don’t need to talk about those things so much anymore, do we? Why don’t we talk about things that matter, the things that’ll shift our (and their) energy the fastest — things like ecstasy, rapture, bliss, fulfillment, appreciation, miracles. You know, the stuff that’s all around but we ignore a little bit?

Lets finally acknowledge and take as fact that every mistake, failure and imperfection make us unique, special and worthy. And let’s carry on like that’s normal, honoring and celebrating it in each other for once.

Let’s focus now.

Let’s pull our minds from habitual, unhealthy, fearful, and damaging thoughts and beliefs. Even if we have to buy a neighborhood billboard (or lots of sticky notes) to help us remember. Let’s get out of our habits of venting, gossiping and bemoaning our situation and practice something way more magical — thinking, believing and acting as if we’re in love with our lives. Let’s do the experiment at least.

Let’s focus on kindness. And while we practice softening the playing field with that kindness, let’s remember not to take things too seriously or personally, remembering everyone’s doing their best with where they’re at and what they have. If we’re knocked off course by a trigger, let’s wake up so fast and get back on track so swiftly we make our own head spin.

Let’s take aligned action every day.

I don’t have anymore time to be afraid. Odds are I’ve lived more than half my life already. If I’m not going to bust through the fear and do something big and great right now — then it ain’t going to happen. Now’s the time. Now’s the place.

Now’s the only moment for the miracle of awareness, worthiness and courage to come together and wow the world.

I’m ready. How about you?

Let’s wow ’em shall we?

I’m Laura Di Franco, MPT an inspirational speaker, intuitive writing strategist, published author and holistic healer and physical therapist out to build a brave healing empire by stoking the fire within you and grabbing your hand while we sparkle together and show the world how amazing love, joy, passion, positivity, and magic can be as a path to inspire your fiercely alive whole self. You’ll find all sort of fun things at to get you going. And you’ll want to head over to my FACEBOOK page for some more free inspiration.

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Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!