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Wise, brave words. Just a few of them can change your perspective and your life. Well, feast your eyes and soul on the series of life-changing words here today.

The Brave Healer Blog Party is a tradition now. I hold this event at the finish of each Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers class I run, to showcase the incredibly talented coaches and practitioners who join me on the journey to finding and sharing our authentic voices in a bigger way. The theme this time around was uncertainty.

These men and women step up every single time. They step up to the plate of courage, authenticity, and writing badassery, and they blow me away with their trail-blazing determination and commitment to helping the world thrive. A world that needs them more than ever this year. And tackling uncertainty felt like a fitting theme. …

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Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

Since the beginning of the pandemic my community of healers has stepped up to bring us three volumes of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing. These gorgeous, powerful books are toolkits with dozens of tools and practices you can do at home to help assist your healing journey, mind, body, and soul.

Today I wanted to share 10 quotes from the books. Little nuggets of wisdom I hope will help you. The author-healer-experts here, and in all of the books, have a mission to help you feel better, and to empower you by helping you to connect to your inner healer. …

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by Christina @ on Unsplash

This summer is a bit different, eh? We need the R&R…OH do we. And more and more of us are reaching for books that not only entertain, but inspire and help us live our best, most purposeful and healthy life.

We’ve gathered up 10 expert holistic-healer authors for you today, to share their books with you and help spread some good vibes, inspirational stories, and powerful tools.

This summer, when you’re reaching for that computer mouse and you’re searching Amazon for the reads that will help you relax, de-stress, and find hope and inspiration in the biggest of ways, make sure you click on one or two of these amazing gifts! …

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Photo by Aung Soe Minon Unsplash

I’ve always loved powerful quotes; words that make you think, pause, reflect, smile, or possibly shift your perspective in a way that changes everything.

I’ve gathered 25 quotes about healing here for you…

…from the expert healers, practitioners, and coaches who have authored The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing book series. We’re changing the world one brave word at a time.

Feel free to share, copy and paste your favorites into your social platforms, or emails to send to a friend. You never know just how much a moment of kindness will help someone you love.


1. ”Give yourself space and time. Everything is a process, and you will find that each piece [of glass] that gets picked up and returned to you as healed, the more you grow and develop.” …

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Photo by Karen Tasto

I self-published my first book with Balboa Press in 2012.

I didn’t know much about books, or publishing back then.

The bright light of Hay House blinded me and I read that little fine print line on the Balboa sales page that said, “If you publish with us, Hay House may just give you a lookie-loo.”

I hung onto that hope. For a long time.

I had no idea what kind of platform I needed for a traditional publisher like Hay House to truly take a lookie-loo at me or my book.

I had nowhere near the numbers I needed.

When I paid a few bucks and showed up in New York to the Hay House Writer’s Conference, I was excited. …

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Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

Back on March 24th the Brave Healer Blog Party began and 15 women wrote their hearts out about a moment with courage.

15 women, in the middle of the weirdest crisis this world has ever seen, stepped up and shared their stories to inspire others.

These aren’t COVID stories.

These are stories of my badass healer friends and how they’ve dealt with fear, in all the ways, throughout their lives. And how they continue to use the knowledge, wisdom and skills they’ve learned to help others on this journey.

They are badass y’all.


They walk their walk every single day as trailblazers of this thing we call healing. They seek joy and prioritize awareness. They were born to change the world. …

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Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

I gathered 25 holistic practitioners together for a massive book collaboration over the last 5 weeks and I started to realize a few things about what it means to be an authentic healer.

Healers don’t like the word healer. They know they’re there to facilitate a process of empowerment in you, not fix you, or heal you. And that would be the first of many things you can look for when you’re hiring someone to lead you on this journey.

I became a healer (holistic physical therapist) to help people. Later on I realized the bigger plan the Universe had for me; to learn what I needed to to be able to hold a space for others to do that work and thrive in their lives. Being a healer had nothing to do with me fixing people. It had to do with knowing how to practice awareness, in every aspect you can think of, and especially when I was with a client.

I’ll never forget the day I had to fire a client. “I’m not going to be able to see you anymore,” I barely squeaked out over the phone, my palms sweating.

Yes, I had to let someone know that I wasn’t willing to see them anymore and that they’d be better off with someone else. I remained triggered (constant feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and gut clench) over that incident for weeks. It would be much later that I’d realize I did that person the greatest favor. …

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Imagine knowing 25 powerful healers; people who understand the secrets and practices to achieving peak health, happiness and performance, mind, body and soul. And imagine having their combined wisdom at your disposal.

Well, I know these people and we’re about to give every one of you that gift.

Choosing a career in healthcare was about helping people, for most of us; an honorable path, full of purpose and fulfillment. …

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Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

“To build your business, make sure you’re helping other people build theirs.”

I heard this from my badass business friend and mentor and I thought, I’ve done that forever, so why isn’t my business booming!?

I’ve been a pretty amazing connector all my life. I love putting two people together in terms of business, collaborations, or any kind of badassery like that.

It feels good to hook people up with prospective clients, especially when you hit that match made in heaven. That can be a game changer for people. I like to help people win like that.

The part I was missing was teaching other people how to talk about me in a way they could do that referral magic for me too. At first, I was confusing them. That didn’t go well. …

Brave Healers, we were born for this.

Unprecedented my ass.

We know uncertainty. We know fear. We know hopelessness and desperation.

Don’t make the situation mean anything and you win. Because you’re back to the feeling of uncertainty you already know how to deal with. It’s just a feeling. You’ve felt this before. You know what to do.

You already have the tools.

You were trained…for decades. You’re a warrior. You have tools. You teach those tools to others every single day.

Remember who you are.

Remember that you signed up for this journey.

Remember that no matter what’s happening around you, you already know exactly what to do and how to help other people with your ninja moves. …


Laura Di Franco, MPT

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

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