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Sep 17, 2017

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7 Badass Morning Habits for Next Level Living

You want to have a badass, fulfilling, productive, soul-aligned day; one that lights you up, makes you feel brave and blissed-out and keeps you inspired and excited about life. You’d actually love several in a row. So how’s that working for ya? You ready to take things to the next level?

When you wake up in the morning, do you know how to make that badass day happen? Or are you spending extra time hitting the snooze button, rushing to get ready, grabbing a PopTart on the way out the door, and then rushing so you’re not too late to work?

That’s not badass. Let me show you what is.

In his popular blog, “This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours a Week,” blogger Benjamin Hardy says, “Your first three hours will make or break you!” Mornings are an important thing to get right when it comes to next level living.

You become what you repeatedly think and do. You can think and do better. You can create the badass morning habits that’ll change your whole day, maybe even your life.

My day used to start off with the rude rattling of my alarm. I’d think about the have-to’s and should’s ahead of me and my thoughts would begin to dive. And that’s just in the first few minutes after waking.

After getting my shower, getting dressed and scarfing down my Cheerios, I’d get in the car and spend the next 40 minutes thinking about the co-worker who pissed me off yesterday. Work would go alright most days. I’d do well on my performance appraisals and earn my cost of living increase, but after a while, the rat race started stressing me out.

Is this really what life’s about? I thought. Is this feeling normal? Don’t I deserve a little more joy? I wondered. Thoughts like these started invading my mind on a regular basis.

“You are joy, looking for a way to express.” Esther Hicks

It took me a while to shed the guilt of wanting more. I came to understand experiencing more joy was in fact the reason I’m on the planet, and that to go after it was natural. As I started to unravel my deepest desires and connect with things that really turned me on, my mornings became a sacred part of my day; a couple hours when I could feel and be everything I wanted to be. It was my job to figure out how to turn those hours into days, and then into a full time joy-fest.

The morning is now my favorite time of day; a chance I have to start off with a bang, set the stage for awesomeness, and do things I love that align with my soul’s purpose. Your morning can be the start of a total transformation. Let me show you how.

Here are 5 badass morning habits to get you feeling inspired and excited about your life, transform your morning into sacred time that fuels your dreams, and bring on next level living:

Before you move your eyelids, do this!

Clear your mind, think about feeling good, imagine best possible scenarios. Before you move in the morning, in that magical half wake, half sleep time when you’re waking up and dreaming at the same time and you feel all warm and cozy and hopeful, that’s when I want you to start feeling good.

You’re going to grab on to the feelings that turn you on right then, and soak in them as your body wakes all the way up.

In Joshua Stone’s book, “How to Be Financially Successful; a Spiritual Perspective,” he says, “A good time to do manifestation work is when you are just falling asleep at night or just waking up in the morning. Your consciousness at these times can be described as a hypnagogic state, the twilight state between sleep and waking. This state allows suggestions to get into the subconscious mind much more easily.”

It’ll take some practice to do this; to remember to pay attention in that state and focus. With your focus and intention you’ll find this early morning time becomes a magical state from which creativity and inspiration flow freely.

Think this way as you move.

Stay in your body and keep the good feelings as long as you can. As you start to move and begin your day you’ll have set up your psyche for the good stuff before you even finish going pee. You’ll be dialing the dial to awesome and then allowing your day to be run on that fuel.

It’s also a really powerful practice for the minutes before you fall asleep!

Next level living means practicing starting every day like it’s the best ever. It takes your awareness and choosing to feel good as soon as you wake. There’s no other way to do this than to do it.

What if you have a lot of stress, things aren’t going well, or you’re sad or angry about something going on that week? It’s going to take more determination, more commitment and more discipline to get to the point you’re able to practice this way — and it’s doable.

For now — practice, every morning, whether it feels like it’s working or not.

Now you’re up and moving. Maybe you’ve had a cup of coffee and are grabbing a shower, getting dressed and starting your day. So what do you think to keep the good vibes from the early morning magic going?

Not to sound repetitive, but I’m about to tell you — it’s a choice. You have many things to be grateful for, so it’s about choosing thoughts to cultivate that mindset.

This writing exercise might help. Set your timer for 5 minutes and fill in the blank: I’m so grateful for_____. Write without stopping. When you’re done, you’ll have a list of things you’re grateful for and to shift your mind to when you’re practicing getting ready in the morning. I highly suggest writing them on colorful sticky notes and plastering them places you can’t miss.

If you feel yourself slipping into to-do’s, stresses, deadlines, problems, negativity or fear before you even get to work, realize you’re wasting your time. In fact you must remember, energy flows where your focus goes. So your mindset matters. A lot.

What you think — all day, not just in the morning, will create your life. It’s that powerful. So start with a badass habit of thinking good things every morning. This will slowly trickle throughout your day.

Do something you love.

You’ll have many normal, work or family related things to do each day. And you’ll get what you need to get done, done. But to bring your life to the next level of joy and align with your deepest desires, you’re doing to have to actually do some things you love to do every day.

What to do is about shifting your day to include what you love, as much as possible. If you’re not yet working your dream job, or spending the amount of time you wish in your bliss — you’ll have to do as much as you can with what you have from where you’re at right now.

This practice is going to build momentum because there’s an undeniable energy to what you love. When you’re immersed in what you love, time stands still, you’re feeling the moments fully embodied and the energy permeates through you and out into the world. Doing more of what you love not only heals you, but it starts to change the world.

Think you need to focus on serving others first because that’s what you’re supposed to do to change the world? Not necessarily. How about serving yourself for once? How about giving yourself the love and attention you crave. Start by feeling the energy of what you love to do. Let it move you, for goodness sake! Let yourself be carried away by your soul’s purpose; to feel pure joy.

“The standard of success in life is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.” Esther Hicks

If you spend most of your hours doing things that feel bad, this is no-brainer. Is a job change on the horizon? Only you know the true answer to that. You don’t have to make huge changes unless you’re ready. Baby steps are great!

If at all possible, start your morning, even if you have to get up a little bit earlier, by doing something you love to do. You’ll be taking everything to the next level!

Eat food worthy of a Goddess.

What you eat matters. It could be the difference between a kickass day or one you burn out in before noon. Make sure you eat protein — it’ll set your metabolism up for good things.

Need some more motivation to eat right first thing in the morning? Check out “5 Reasons to Eat a Protein-Packed Breakfast,” HERE. Your body is your temple. Eat like it. Food is medicine, so pay attention to what goes in that mouth. It matters!

Review your goal book and journal.

What, you don’t have a book of dreams, desires and goals? Well, it’s time to get on it and make a plan for next level living. Start a special journal to record these things and take time every single morning to look it over for inspiration!

Before you check email or Facebook, take your goal book out and do these three things:

  1. Look at the goals for the day/week/month and decide what you need to do today to align with them.

Chris Winfield discusses Julia Cameron’s famous morning pages from the book “The Artist’s Way,HERE, to remind us how important journaling can be for a clearer mind, better ideas and less anxiety. This stuff works. But you have to actually do it!

And like everything else on this list — your action is the magic elixir. You can read this. You can nod your head while every cell in you vibrates a “Yes!” to it…but unless you begin the practice nothing will change. Make this your call to action. Let these words be the ones that motivate you to start the practice of a badass morning!

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