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50 Things All Healers Should Write About to Promote Their Business

“You know what totally aggravates me? People who say they don’t know what to write about!” “Oh my God, me too!” I agreed with my coach on our call this morning. Here’s a perfect example of how I roll with my writing — take something cool that happened, and write about it. Now you’re going to benefit from our conversation, and hopefully when you’re done reading, you’ll realize writer’s block is for sissies.

There are so many things to write about I actually laughed as I typed this out. Fifty? I could probably write a book about this. Hmm, maybe I will. In the meantime, let me help you with this amazing list. No more excuses. Pick one, sit your butt in the seat, and write. Put your special voice and spin on it, and voila, your healing message out in the world for others to enjoy. One small step on the journey. One gigantic step for getting over the excuse you have nothing to write about.

Healers need to write. We’re all creative beings. We have big purpose, mission and calling in the world and we’re meant to express it. The first step is having an idea about what you’d like to write about. But you already know the what. Most of the time it’s getting over your inner critic voice that goes something like, “It’s not good enough,” “Nobody will be interested,” “It’s already been written about,” and my favorite, “What if they think I’m _____ ?” Please insert whatever word best describes your voice. Stupid comes to mind for mine.

When I was talking to Torrie, one of the coaches in my life who’s transformed the way I do me, we agreed we’re ready to strangle people who say they have nothing to write about. We also agreed many healers are getting in their own way when it comes to writing. She also said you guys would appreciate knowing what goes on in my brain during my day to day; the how behind my method. Well, this blog is a perfect example. I took notes during my coaching call, I read over them later that day, and I thought about what piece of it might help me (and you) the most.

This is what I came up with! 50 Things I Think All Healers Should Write About to Promote Their Business:

  1. Tell us the story about how you got into healing
  2. Tell us about the science behind your healing modality
  3. Write about an experience you had with your healing modality
  4. Write about an experience you had with a client (you should get several from this one)
  5. Tell us your opinion about or definition of healing in general, what it means for you
  6. What’s your mission statement?
  7. Tell us about your purpose and how it ties into healing
  8. Tell us about your passions and how that relates to healing
  9. Tell us what you love to do so much you lose track of time
  10. Create a manifesto for your healing business and share it
  11. Tell us what makes you different
  12. Tell us a positive way to look at pain/disease/illness
  13. Tell us a story of hope when it comes to healing
  14. Tell us a story about overcoming a challenge
  15. Tell us what triggers you and how you cope
  16. Tell us what makes you feel vulnerable and how you deal
  17. Tell us what you do when you need to feel brave
  18. Tell us a story about your day and how you manage your time
  19. Give us a window into the life of a healer with a recent conversation you had
  20. Talk to us about why you believe in your healing modality
  21. Give us an idea of your favorite resources for healing
  22. Give us your top ten healing books/podcasts/resources list and the why behind it
  23. Tell us how your healing modality alleviates pain
  24. Give us a perspective we haven’t thought of
  25. Tell us about a lesson you learned
  26. Tell us how it feels to be a healer
  27. Describe your ideal client and how you solve her/his problem
  28. Give us an idea about what you’re thinking when you work
  29. What makes living with a healer challenging/different/difficult/easy
  30. What you do to prepare for a session
  31. What you do to take care of yourself
  32. Talk to us about self-treatment, your best tips
  33. 5 Ways to Heal Faster
  34. Secrets to healing according to you
  35. What you wish everyone knew about healing
  36. What you wish everyone would do when it comes to their health/happiness
  37. Tell us about complementary modalities and how they work with yours
  38. Tell us your opinion about another kind of healing and why you think it’s good/bad
  39. Review your favorite product
  40. Interview another healer or complementary healthcare professional
  41. Talk about your exercise routine
  42. Tell us about your accomplishments/background
  43. Give us your best green smoothie recipe (or other favorite thing of yours)
  44. Tell us how you connect with source/creativity
  45. Tell us a story about a relationship you had to heal
  46. Tell us about awareness and how you use it in your every day life
  47. Give us a peek into your pain and how you overcame it
  48. Tell us something funny that happened to you
  49. Write about your childhood
  50. Inspire us with your voice/opinion/ideas/thoughts about ANYTHING!

If you need a little more structure to all of this, I have a super badass, free training you can grab called A Year’s Worth of Blogs in a Week! Get it HERE!

Most of all, enjoy the process of writing. Let it come from a connected, feeling place inside. Shut down your inner critic and just know there’s someone who needs your message today. Someone who needs it from you, in the way only you can tell it!

raised as “our favorite class” by The Writer’s Center, Laura Di Franco, MPT,’s brave, intuitive writing and healing workshops are the reason she was born. She helps writers get their badass, authentic voice published in order to heal the world with their words. Get your inspiration infusion with a free 30 minute intuitive writing strategy session HERE! And more free inspiration (if you can take it) on her Facebook page HERE. You also might enjoy being a part of the Sacred Erotic Self revolution — for your fiercely alive whole self!

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