5 Ways to Use Your Personal Journal to Write a Viral Blog

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  1. Authenticity rocks. People vibe with real stories and see themselves in them. When people feel the emotions and really resonate there’s a powerful energy to that. They want to feel included, accepted and appreciated. Being authentic and writing about one of your personal experiences will help others feel that way.
  2. People don’t want to be told what to do. If you’re speaking from experience but never share any of your own it’s hard to get to know you and harder to want to listen. Instead of telling others, show them how you did it. Stories about how you overcame your worst pain are more inspirational then telling someone how to overcome pain.
  3. Journaling isn’t censored and we can feel that. When you journal you’re hair is usually down; you don’t censor yourself as much and your writing comes from a place that’s as close to your truth as you can get. And that’s why it’s so powerful. That connected place is how your writing comes alive. It’s this fiercely alive writing that engages and helps your reader.
  4. Your stories are what make you unique. Tired of reading the hundredth article about how to be a good life coach? Me too. Instead, why don’t you tell me the story of how you healed yourself from child abuse and were inspired to coach others along the path, and help me feel like I can do it too.
  5. The fastest way to kill shame is to call it out. Psychologists know that as soon as your secret is out the relief is real. I’m not telling you to compromise yourself here, but sharing your personal stories of pain, abuse, failure, illness, bad relationships, and loss is exactly how the feeling starts to shift.



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Laura Di Franco, MPT

Laura Di Franco, MPT

Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them! www.BraveHealer.com