This is me in my dobuk! My tatoo has the initials YFIB (Your fear is boring)

5 Things Women Need to Know About How to Feel Fearless, Confident and Worthy, from a 50 Year Old Female Black Belt

I was probably born fearless but I quickly learned as a young girl not to speak unless spoken to and that being bad had consequences. Fear, shame and unworthiness became my lifelong wounds to heal. I’d rediscover my worth through a decades-long healing journey including the quest for my black belt, allowing me to circle back around to thriving fearlessly in a life I love.

Here’re 5 black belt level things I want women to know about taking back their power, confidence and worth, and why it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to live the life of freedom you crave.

1. You were born, so you matter

2. You have a unique purpose and mission in this world

3. What’s in your way (hint; it’s you) is easier to tackle than you think

4. Fear’s just a feeling to notice

5. The way through is doing what you think you can’t

Each of these five things brought me to the place I dwell today; a life I wake up feeling grateful, excited and inspired in every morning. They were hard-won for me, but don’t have to be for you. You’re waking up. You know these things. Let these be the words that tip you over the edge and get you to actually live the way you desire, right now. Let this be your final wake up call to do the work that’ll change your life — and the world.

  1. You matter. Stop doubting it and start speaking up your heart, your soul and your ideas to the people who’ll listen. Pick people who have similar dreams and ideas to hang out with and start ditching the rest. Have lunch with these people more often. Watch how your life starts to feel more and more inspiring. When I began to train in the dojang, these badass people became a steadfast family who weren’t willing to let me be small. Black belt level relationships mean you choose the ones who lift you up and you practice saying no to the toxic ones. No apologies.

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Laura Di Franco, MPT is a holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, blogger and black belt with over two decades of experience in healing. Her transformational programs combine the tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you crave for your life and business. Laura’s enthusiasm is contagious and the spark that’ll inspire you to make the change you’ve been afraid to make. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for! Want a workshop that’ll give you practical powerful tools you can use today? Find them at And more free inspiration on my Facebook page HERE.

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