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25 Powerful Questions to Up-level Your Mindset for Success

It’s going to be difficult if you think it is.

It’s time to get badass on the old, conditioned thought and belief patterns paralyzing the shift and transformation toward success you’re craving. What if this were easy? Here are several excellent questions to ask that will rain an up-leveled awareness down on you so you can start this exciting journey.

To be successful in your life and business you’re going to have to up-level your mindset, specifically what you’re thinking about the way things will go down.

It is what you think it is. So what have you been thinking lately?

Every thought has an energy, vibration and possibility for manifestation. It’s important to create the discipline of a successful mindset if you’re interested in something different than what you have. Do you even know what you’re telling yourself?

To get from where you are to where you want to be will require a steadfast practice of observation and action when it comes to your thinking. What you’re telling yourself on a daily basis matters. And much of it might be so habitual you’re doing it without knowing it.

Start paying attention to what you think. All of it. Especially when your inner critic voice is throwing you into the pit of doubt, fear, uncertainty, shame or self-sabotage. What does she say?

Do a little journaling right now about this. Grab a notebook and pen, take a few breaths, set a timer for three minutes and write down the nasty messages you hear in your head when you’re bumping up against that comfort zone and the doubt creeps in.

Awesome. You now have a next-level awareness because you’ve put what’s inside on the outside and you can look at it. Journaling does this for you. But you still may not know what to do about the voices, even if you know what they are.

I must be doing something wrong. I must not be good enough or else this would have happened faster. Why am I so stupid that I can’t figure this out? Nobody’s going to want to read this, it’s been done before. What if I upset or offend someone? These are all my voices; the ones I’ve battled, conquered and now use as a compass to help me know when I have to aim myself in a better direction.

After writing them down you’re going to want to:
1. Start to recognize them when they come up in your mind again
2. Take a giant, aware step backward and start observing them from a bit of a distance
3. Understand they don’t serve your vision
4. Choose something else to think or believe that does

I make it sound easy. And it is. It takes some practice, but what’s the alternative? Getting stuck in your old, unhealthy, habitual, conditioned patterns of thought and belief are just keeping you paralyzed in a place you don’t want to be anymore. Time to choose something better.

With awareness you have a choice. Take responsibility for what you choose.

Here are 25 questions to ignite awareness so you can make that space between you and the old thoughts, and choose some new ones that align with your badass vision. Each of these makes an excellent writing prompt too!

  1. What else is possible?
  2. How does this situation serve me?
  3. What lesson is there to learn here?
  4. What do I really want?
  5. Who am I worried about offending?
  6. What would be a better way to think right now?
  7. What’s a healthier choice I could make?
  8. What could I do that my future self would thank me for?
  9. What if this could be easy?
  10. What if there’s something I haven’t learned yet that could change everything?
  11. What beliefs are limiting me?
  12. What feels good to me?
  13. What do I keep saying yes to when I really mean no?
  14. What would I tell the five or ten year old me, If I could tell them anything?
  15. What’s the positive way to look at this?
  16. What action can I take to move me forward?
  17. Who can I talk to who might help with this?
  18. What do I need to say?
  19. What belief better serves my vision?
  20. What do I feel?
  21. What do I love so much I lose track of time?
  22. What do I need to give myself permission to say/do?
  23. How do other’s opinions still run my life?
  24. What would feel good for me today?
  25. What do I need to know about this situation to help me move forward?

If you’re asking questions, you’re opening your mind to possibilities. You’re staying curious, instead of closed-minded. You’re shaking up the old thought and belief patterns and offering something new. You’re breaking up those habitual patterns and retraining yourself by strengthening your awareness.

Questions are an excellent way to wake yourself up into another way of thinking.

Pick a few of your favorites and write them on your calendar, in your notebooks, on sticky notes on your computer; whatever it takes to have them in front of your face so when the old thoughts creep in, you’re ready.

Add a few of your own favorites to the list. Create a special notebook of questions, affirmations, journaling and quotes that pull you out of your pit and into your dreams.

Lastly, find a community of people interested in up-leveling with you and instigate conversations that keep you all inside of curiosity and awareness. When you’re having a bad day, feeling more stuck than usual, you can call on your friends and they’ll help you climb out of that pit.

What if this were easy?

aura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s the author of Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, her sixth book to help inspire your fiercely alive whole self. Join her and write words that build your business and heal the world. Schedule a free call at

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