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12 Expert Holisitc Tips for Thriving Through Change

Laura Di Franco, MPT


This was going to be about becoming an empty nester.

But change happens in so many different ways, I thought. This is really about what happens inside, no matter what is changing.

I agreed with my wise self and decided to reach out to my healer friends for their best tips. I roll with pretty amazing, talented, and very experienced practitioners and coaches who do this mind, body, soul health and wellness thing every day.

I felt the shift in energy in my home immediately in August when both kids moved to the University of Maryland. I’m sensitive like that. And because my son, now a senior, was home for COVID, he left, again, along with my freshman.

“Wait, it’s not supposed to happen like that,” I said to my mom. “It was supposed to be one at a time!”

Months earlier, I dreamt of the little party I’d have, a chance to run around in my underwear and not have to worry about privacy for once in 18 years. The reality was, I missed them almost immediately. The change surprised me. I thought I’d be ready for it. I wasn’t. I dealt with tears and feelings I didn’t expect, along with a barrage of inner critic noise trying to convince me I didn’t do it (motherhood) right.

Change is life, right? When we understand how to manage, roll, and take the opportunity to heal with it, we thrive.

Here are 12 expert tips to help you thrive with change — whatever that happens to be for you right now — from my community of holistic experts.

Thank you to my healer friends. I honor your commitment to helping people live amazing lives every day!

1. Change, whether it be welcomed or not, can cause discomfort, even trauma. Maturity often brings wisdom which allows us to welcome and even thrive through change. To do that, we need to give up the idea that comfort and staying the same don’t always allow for growth. I learned that the best parts of life happening out there on the skinny branches, reaching for the ripest, juiciest apples, can be uncomfortable. But those juicy apples are by far the sweetest. “Have no attachment,” as the Buddhists say, “Everything is transient.” Once you embrace this philosophy, the apples are much more delicious.



Laura Di Franco, MPT

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