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100 Things You Can Give When You Don’t Have a Pot to Piss In

Been reading Holly Alexander’s books, Beginning Magic Money, Advanced Magic Money and Magic Money Mastery and I’m psyched about the attitude of gratitude she’s schooling us in. Abundance starts and ends with gratitude — we know this. But where to start when you can barely afford your mortgage and the events of your life aren’t leaving you with much to be grateful for?

You’ve heard it, but I’m going to say it again; there’s always something to be grateful for. I’m going to add; there’s always something you can give or share, even if you think you have nothing to give. To build an abundance mindset and cultivate the energy of wealth, you must do it from wherever you are, with whatever you have; even if that’s not much.

By the way — this kind of giving is without expectation of anything in return. Check yourself here. The giving has energy, unattached to receiving, which is magical all on its own. What comes back around and from who isn’t necessarily tied to what or who you gave to.

Don’t be stuck in your negative, lacking mind. Find and be grateful for what you have and start sharing. Not sure where to start? Here are 100 things you can give or share that cost very little to nothing at all, and will help you build the energy of abundance:

  1. Thanks and lots of it

3. A complement

4. A smile

5. Solicited advice

6. A story

7. A great book you’ve already read

8. Clothing or items you don’t/won’t use

9. A poem

10. An example of a time you saw their strength

11. A story of how they helped you

12. A hug

13. A meal

14. Help with housework

15. Help with babysitting

16. A back rub

17. Just listening

18. Flowers from your garden

19. A handwritten letter

20. A homemade anything (craft/book/art)

21. A ride somewhere

22. A coupon book for chores

23. Your honesty

24. Your hope/positivity

25. Your enthusiasm

26. Inspiration or encouragement

27. Companionship for exercise

28. A recipe

29. A real conversation

30. Your attention

31. Your touch

32. Your silence

33. Your editing skills

34. A creative idea

35. Tutoring

36. Your trust

37. Your question or curiosity

38. Your interest in what they’re doing

39. Loyalty

40. Saying I Love you

41. Photos

42. Sharing their work

43. Public acknowledgement

44. A testimonial

45. Recognition

46. A review

47. A shout out

48. Something you have two of

49. A song link or playlist

50. A different perspective

51. Your vulnerability

52. Your authentic self

53. A place to stay

54. A connection

55. A recommendation or referral

56. Homemade cookies or cake

57. Constructive feedback

58. Walk or sit for their pets or house

59. Grab their paper or mail and deliver to their door

60. Help write their resume

61. Help organizing or decluttering their space

62. Washing their car

63. Accompany them to an appointment

64. A prayer

65. A seedling from one of your plants

66. Fruit or veggies from your garden

67. A trick or shortcut for something

68. A helpful, funny or entertaining article, poem, movie, talk, podcast or blog link

69. Help carrying stuff

70. Friendship

71. A new point of view

72. Your time — in any capacity

73. A professional contact

74. A kiss

75. A phone call or text to check in

76. Your voice — read out loud from a book or magazine

77. Play a game with someone

78. The benefit of the doubt

79. Your forgiveness

80. The right of way

81. Space to think or process

82. Your understanding

83. The parking space

84. Compassion

85. Empathy

86. Respect

87. The last loaf of bread on the shelf

88. A recording or video message saying hello

89. Something you have many of: crystal, feather, notebook — with a note about what it means

90. Research something you know they had a question about and send the answer

91. A list of 10, 20, 30 or 100 things you love about them (could also do this for yourself)

92. A written story about when you met and how grateful you are

93. A cup of tea or coffee

94. Help with gardening

95. Car help

96. Detachment

97. An open mind

98. The ability to receive

99. A knowing and caring look or gesture

100. Patience

The idea here’s that an attitude and energy of abundance and wealth starts with just that; attitude and energy. To attract and receive anything we want, including money, resources, a job, a mate, more joy — we have to start with where we are and what we have. We all have so much more than we think we have. Trick is to recognize the wealth you already have and put your disciplined, positive and on-purpose attention and focus on it! Oh, and remember to give to yourself too! It counts just as much!

I’m sure you can think of more. What else have you given or received that helped you feel “wealthy” without having to spend a dime? And thank you Holly, for getting me on serious track with my Magic Money Mindset!

Laura Di Franco, MPT is a holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, blogger and black belt with over two decades of experience in healing. Her transformational programs combine the empowering tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you crave for your life and business. Laura’s enthusiasm is contagious and the spark that’ll inspire you to make the change you’ve been afraid to make. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for! Want a workshop that’ll give you practical powerful tools you can use today? Find them at And more free inspiration on my Facebook page HERE.

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