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Since the beginning of the pandemic my community of healers has stepped up to bring us three volumes of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing. These gorgeous, powerful books are toolkits with dozens of tools and practices you can do at home to help assist your healing journey, mind, body, and soul.

Today I wanted to share 10 quotes from the books. Little nuggets of wisdom I hope will help you. The author-healer-experts here, and in all of the books, have a mission to help you feel better, and to empower you by helping you to connect to your inner healer. Soak in their love, wisdom, and healing today.

“What if the thing you’re still a little afraid to share is exactly the thing someone needs to hear to change, or even save, their life? It’s time to be brave!”
Laura Di Franco, Owner of Brave Healer Productions

“Our intuition and bodies tell the truth more accurately than our minds can process. Trust your feelings, live by them.”
Gila Nehemia, Founder of Wild Writers Heal

“When we understood and accepted what automatically happens in everyone’s brain when triggered, our communication changed; when communication changes, our lives change.”
Liz Hanzi, ACC, CPCC, with Living Life Complete Professional Coaching.

“It’s a practice, not a perfect. Cut yourself some slack and allow each breathwork session to be just what it is. Some days, you’ll float. Some days, not so much. Sometimes, that five minutes is the longest time in your life. And other days, ‘Wait a second, I just set the timer!’”
Pat Perrier, E-RYT, Owner, Instructor, Just Breathe Yoga Studio

“I can’t do this anymore. I cannot do inequality.”
Susan Gaertner, CEO and Founder, When a Woman Starts Over, LLC

“This collision of life and death revealed this profound truth; that life doesn’t happen to us; it happens for us. It is all about intention; what we see and how we move will directly impact the way we live.”
Stacey Siekman, Intentional Movement Coach at Balanced Body Reflections

“Sitting for six months by the incubator, watching my baby survive, taught me a gift. I learned I have a choice in how I wanted to hold this posture and ultimately how I hold any posture in life.”
Manuela Rohr, Body Wisdom Coach, BDY/EY, PRYT, C-IYAT

“We are all powerful creators. The thoughts we think and the words we write and speak are magnetically calling forth those things to us. We are paving our future with these thoughts, which create our reality.”
Janette Stuart, Angelic Practitioner, Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder

“Healing the past and doing “the work” transforms our wombs into powerful sacred space. Your womb holds fierce feminine power and ancestral wisdom. By energetically cleansing and clearing the womb, we restore magic(k) and mystery, and prepare to manifest without limitations.”
Jen Piceno, Shamanic Practitioner, LMT, RMT, Gypsy Moon Inc.

“When we know ourselves and follow our own direction, we are aligned. There is no longer a shadow person shielding us from what we want; we’re healing by being true to ourselves.”
Dianna Leeder CPCC, Certified Life & Confidence Coach at Crave More Life

I hope you’ll head over to Amazon and pick up one of these beautiful books HERE! Do you have a favorite healing quote? Please add it to the comments!

Laura Di Franco, MPT, is the owner of Brave Healer Productions, an expert in holistic physical therapy, a 16-time author and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with a mission to change the world one brave word at a time.

The first three books in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing series, a mid-pandemic inspiration, hit international Amazon best seller in the chronic pain and/or holistic medicine category within hours, and were meant to give people up close and personal access to authentic healers, not only with the book chapters, but opportunities for readers to attend live trainings with the author-experts. Book four in the series are currently in the works.

With 30 years of training and expertise in holistic healing, 20 in the writing and publishing field, and a few years at the open mic as a spoken word poet and inspirational speaker, Laura now uses her gifts and passion to help other practitioners of the healing arts to share their voice, message, and business in a bigger way. She speaks to a wide variety of audiences who are ready to have more fun with their fear. Her newest book, How to Have Fun With Your Fear and Change the World is due out in 2021.

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Your words will change the world when you’re brave enough to share them!

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